NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Could Team Up In Boston, Per ‘Yahoo!’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could end up on the same team next year, and while the NBA rumor mill is revealing that the All-Stars may be headed to the New York Knicks, others believe that they could team up in Boston, where Kyrie already dons a Celtics jersey.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s offseason activity is going to be very interesting to watch. The pair will be free agents, who could decide to re-sign with their current teams or possibly head off to greener pastures.

Durant, who currently plays for the NBA’s powerhouse team, the Golden State Warriors, has been rumored to have one foot out the door. Kevin has been causing controversy on and off the court all season when it comes to his team.

The reigning Finals MVP has gotten into fights with his teammates, and publicly called out the team and his coach, Steve Kerr, leading many to believe this will be his final year with the Warriors.

Meanwhile, Irving left LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers behind after winning a championship in order to get out from under LeBron’s shadow and be in control of his own team. However, that hasn’t been working out for Kyrie.

Irving has also been speaking out about the less than par play of his teammates, and although he previously hinted that he would re-sign with the Boston Celtics, it seems he may be moving on as well.

While many fans believe Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant could easily head to New York City to make the Knicks a winning team, which they have been lacking for many years, NBA analyst, Brian Windhorst, says it’s very possible that Durant could head to Boston with Irving.

“It’s not impossible for the Celtics to get their hands on Kevin Durant this offseason,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s The Jump this week. “I’m not saying I think it’s gonna happen, I’m just saying it’s not impossible.”

“They have the assets to trade for Anthony Davis. Kevin Durant, he can be signed and traded. They can work out a deal. Remember, the team that finished in ‘second place’ when he signed with the Warriors was Boston. When people look at Kyrie and KD, I think they automatically assume it’s just gonna be in New York. There’s other teams out there that could do it,” Windhorst added.

It seems that fans will have to wait patiently to find out what Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, along with the NBA’s other major free agents such as Kawhi Leonard, will decide to do this summer.