Johnny Depp Points The Finger At Amber Heard And Her Sister

Thomas Lohnes Getty Images

In the ongoing dispute between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, the accusations keep getting nastier. The latest set of allegations comes from Depp, who points the finger at both Heard and her sister, Whitney, saying the two sisters set him up to stage a scene of domestic violence. According to Depp, that staged scene made him look like a terrible person and has also desperately hurt his once prolific film career.

Depp’s accusations came from a set of new court documents that are attached to his $50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. Back in May 2016, Heard alleges that Depp assaulted her physically, and those actions eventually led to the divorce. However, Depp is now throwing these accusations back at both Amber Heard and her sister, Whitney, claiming that the sisters staged that incident. Depp feels the incident was set up to not only make him look like a monster, but also to get divorce courts to favor Heard once the pair split, according to Celeb News Network.

Depp has a story that varies wildly from Heard’s about that specific night in 2016. According to Depp, Trinity Esparza, a concierge who was working at the house where Depp was accused of hitting Heart, has delivered testimony against Heard that supports Depp’s story. Part of Esparza’s job was monitoring the surveillance cameras. Esparza apparently witnessed surveillance footage that was recorded three days following the presumed attack on Heard. In the footage, Esparza saw Whitney jokingly pretend to punch her sister, Amber, almost as if the sisters were mocking the incident that happened with Depp just days prior, according to Radar Online.

“In the surveillance video, Ms. Esparza testified under oath that she saw Whitney Heard pretend to punch her sister in the face. Then Ms. Heard, Ms. Pennington, and Whitney Heard all laughed,” the court documents state, according to Celeb News Network.

The actions she witnessed on camera didn’t sit well with Esparza, and she wondered how Amber really got the mark she had on her face. Since domestic violence is no laughing matter, Esparza found the actions between Amber and Whitney to be very off-putting.

Heard has been stating that Depp physically abused her since their marriage started to disintegrate. Depp’s words about Heard have not been much kinder, and he has publicly stated that Heard is insane for calling him an abuser. Depp has even claimed that Heard has assaulted him in the past. For instance, Depp said she once threw a vodka bottle at him, and that sliced his finger open.