Selena Gomez Is Getting Closer To Her Non-Hollywood Friends

Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

Selena Gomez has kept a low public profile lately as she’s been working and focusing on her health. While the singer stepped back into work and her life in December 2018, the public hasn’t seen her on social media much lately. However, those close to her have posted occasional pictures and comments on Instagram while she’s gone out around town with them. However, since Gomez’s return, it seems that she is out and about mostly with friends that don’t share the Hollywood spotlight with her, with the exception of Taylor Swift.

Gomez’s list of non-celebrity friends includes Connar Franklin, Raquelle Stevens, Ashley Cook, and Courtney Barry. They have been the people making most of the Instagram posts that feature Gomez over the past few months. Gomez’s set of non-celebrity friends seem to be doing a lot of good for the actress, and she has become increasingly closer to them lately.

“Selena is working out a lot, taking different workout classes and hiking,” a source said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “She has also been spending time with her close friends, most of whom aren’t in the Hollywood scene.”

As it turns out, Gomez’s non-Hollywood group of friends have been in her life for quite some time and have always been able to help her out when she’s needed the support. Currently, they are helping to guide her through a successful balance of fame and daily living. Gomez’s non-celebrity friends bring her the guidance and support she needs during tough times, and they’ve been doing a great job lately.

In fact, Gomez has not only been doing well with the extra support, but she’s finding a successful balance now that she has had some time to adjust back into life. Gomez has kept busy not only focusing on her health, but also on writing new songs and recording in the studio. Gomez has a goal of making 2019 one great year, and it seems like the actress is off to a very good start so far.

Back in December 2018, Gomez finished a stay in a mental health facility. Gomez has also struggled with lupus and experienced a kidney transplant over the summer, prior to admitting herself to the mental health facility. While the singer suffered with a litany of health problems last year, it seems like she is taking those life lessons very seriously and making plans to stay fit.

“Selena does a good job of hanging out with people who aren’t in Hollywood—it’s always been her thing,” a source said, according to Elle. “She has famous friends, but the friends that keep her grounded have been around forever and Selena can be her true self [around them].”