‘Mueller Report’ On Trump-Russia Collusion Up For Pre-Order On Amazon, To Be Released On March 26

While many debate the time of the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s much-anticipated report, it appears that Amazon may have beaten the political analysts and pundits to the punch. The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion is now available for pre-order on the retail giant’s website, with a delivery date of March 26. The best-selling edition boasts a foreword penned by former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, per Money, and is listed as being a massive 960 pages in size.

While special counsel Robert Mueller has not given a firm date as to the release of his report, this best-selling product — one which claims to compile the findings of the report — seems to indicate that the information will be made public before the conclusion of March. A competing edition of the Mueller report is also up for pre-order on Amazon, one endorsed by The Washington Post, but this particular version has not attained the same sales numbers as the one featuring Dershowitz’s preface.

Unfortunately for critics of the current American president, the findings produced by the years-long Mueller probe may be less satisfying than they might hope, per Reuters.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s impending report on the findings of his investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. election may far fall short of the searing and voluminous Starr report, legal experts said, in part due to constraints on Mueller that did not exist when Starr produced his report.”

President Trump has long been critical of the Mueller probe into alleged Russian interference in 2016, having criticized the investigation over 1,100 times — per The Hill — and often categorizing the proceedings as a “witch hunt.”

According to Politico, Trump has also frequently questioned the legitimacy of the Mueller investigation, often indicating a posited double standard when it comes to the lack of scrutiny afforded the widely-disputed “p*ss tape” dossier circulated by former British spy Christopher Steel.

Claiming that the alleged Russian operatives conducting a number of social media campaigns were far more “systematic, [and] deceptive” than those involved with promoting the Steele dossier, Mueller’s office rejected any notions that they were acting hypocritically by ignoring unearthed evidence which indicated that Steele was financially contracted to produce the dossier as a hit-piece, the money coming from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign law firm of Perkins-Coie.

Whether or not the Mueller report being sold on Amazon actually ends up containing the verbatim documentation collated by the special counsel’s office remains unclear as yet.

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