‘Captain Marvel’ Slammed As ‘Disgrace’ By Former DC Comics Artist

Captain Marvel is the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing a new superhero to the franchise and giving fans hope that she will come to the Avengers’ rescue when Avengers: Endgame is released in April this year.

The film is set to be released to the public on Friday, but a lucky few have already been privy to the film, and the resulting reviews have been a rather mixed bag. Off the basis of those reviews, Ethan Van Sciver, a former artist for DC Comics, had some harsh criticism for the character, calling it a “disgrace,” according to Comic Book News.

Van Sciver made a video detailing his thoughts on the new film, blasting the character in general as a “character of convenience” who was created solely to compete with DC’s Wonder Woman.

“It’s not possible to make a good Captain Marvel movie. It just really isn’t possible. It isn’t possible to make an excellent Captain Marvel movie, one that can actually fulfill the hopes and dreams of women everywhere. Why? Because Captain Marvel isn’t just that good of a character.”


Captain Marvel is indeed the first stand-alone female superhero film the studio has created, despite having already released 20 films in the series. Although Black Widow has had plenty of screen time in the Avengers films and the Captain America movies, she has yet to actually receive her own film, but it is apparently in the works.

After the raging success that was Wonder Woman, resulting in the sequel being set for release in 2020, Marvel seemed to have no choice but to respond with their own girl power film. Unfortunately, not everyone has praised the move of bringing Captain Marvel to life on the big screen as simply a comeback to DC’s beloved female superhero.

“Could she be Marvel’s great white female hope? Uh. No. Definitely not,” Van Sciver said.

Despite the criticism of the character, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated prior to the film’s release that she is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That little tidbit of information has Marvel fans hoping that she will be able to undo Thanos’ snap or defeat him so that the rest of them can band together and figure out how to undo it.

Of course, fans got the hint that Captain Marvel would be joining the Avengers in Infinity War’s end credits scene, which showed Nick Fury sending out a distress call to the heroine before he was dusted.