‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Josslyn & Oscar Take A Big Relationship Step & Jason Questions Kevin

Viewers are not going to want to miss Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there are major developments coming during this March 6 show, and fans are going to have plenty to buzz about. Josslyn and Oscar seem ready to take a big step in their relationship while many others are scrambling to track down Ryan and Ava.

As everybody saw during Tuesday’s show, the teen crew ended up stranded for the night in Niagara Falls due to car trouble. Trina orchestrated an opportunity to give Josslyn and Oscar a room alone for the night, and it looks like the temptation to get intimate for the first time may be too much for the couple to resist.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Josslyn and Oscar will dance around the idea of whether or not to take that next step. Fans will remember that she had wanted to cross that bridge quite some time ago and he wasn’t ready. Now, with Oscar’s health issues, it’s not a stretch to think they may decide to throw caution to the wind and head down that road.

Quite a few fans have been speculating for a while now that Josslyn might end up pregnant and alone with Oscar eventually dying from his illness. There’s no confirmation via available General Hospital spoilers that this is going to happen, or that Joss and Oscar will even get that far during this Niagara Falls visit.

However, a teen pregnancy storyline hasn’t been done in a while and with Josslyn’s mom Carly pregnant now, too, that would certainly shake things up. Not only that, but viewers suspect that Carly may lose her pregnancy soon as a result of Ryan’s antics. If that does happen, soon learning that her teen daughter is pregnant would make for a very soapy storyline.

As Josslyn and Oscar consider whether or not to take advantage of this opportunity, many in Port Charles will be scrambling. The teens are texting their respective parents with cover stories about staying with friends for the night and questions aren’t being asked yet given everything else happening.

Laura is desperate to free Kevin and track down Ryan, and she will be quite anxious throughout Wednesday’s show. In addition, as The Inquisitr shared, Jordan will wake up long enough for Curtis to tell her the latest about the investigation. Jason found Carly’s phone and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll be anxious to pin down exactly where she is.

It’s not clear quite yet how it happens, but Jason will run across the real Kevin and this will only cause Jason more concern in regards to Carly’s safety and whereabouts. She Knows Soaps details that Kevin will be asking someone for help, and Jason will soon reach out to Julian to try to get more insight on where Ava might be.

Additional General Hospital spoilers have teased that Joss and Oscar may not be the only couple getting romantic while in Niagara Falls. Ava and Ryan will make their way there during Wednesday’s show, too, and she’ll be ready to start celebrating their plans to wed.

Ava will soon be left overwhelmed and shocked when she learns the truth about the man she’s planning to marry, but that will come a bit later this week. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the action will get increasingly intense as the week progresses, and fans will not want to miss any of the chaos that’s on the way.