NFL Rumors: The Dallas Cowboys’ Interest In Earl Thomas, Landon Collins, And Eric Weddle Is Rather Insane

The 2019 league year in the NFL is set to officially begin very soon and that means free agency will be open for all teams to shop. Some discussions have already started and the franchise tags have been handed out, but what about those who are hitting the open market? The Dallas Cowboys are in a bit of turmoil on defense, but when it comes to three big-time free agent defensive backs, they may not have much interest.

As reported by Inquisitr, the Cowboys are already in a good bit of trouble on defense, and they’re rumored to be interested in running back Duke Johnson via trade. Still, there are certain positions that need a good bit of help, and the Cowboys could look around to see what is available, but they may not end up doing it.

Three very talented safeties are going to be available in the free agent market, and they will likely have a number of suitors chasing them. It is no surprise that Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks is going to end up somewhere new in 2019, and he’s been tied to the Cowboys in rumors for years.

Inquisitr reported that Thomas met with Cowboys representatives during the NFL Scouting Combine and each side let the other know their expectations. Thomas revealed that he wasn’t going to give a “hometown discount” and won’t be coming cheap to whoever signs him.

Aside from Thomas, there are two other big-time safeties who will be available in free agency with Eric Weddle and Landon Collins. The Baltimore Ravens are releasing Weddle, and the New York Giants shocked everyone by not franchise tagging Collins and allowing him to test the waters.

Oddly enough, the Dallas Cowboys don’t appear to have interest in any of the three.

Thomas has already revealed that it will take a lot of money to sign him, so, that should come as no surprise. The same can be said for Collins who tried to strike a deal with the Giants, but that didn’t happen and they went without placing the franchise tag on him.

Now, Weddle is being released and the Cowboys are rumored to simply have no interest in him. There will be a few other safeties out there, though, and it’s going to be interesting to see if Dallas will be interested in any of them.

The Dallas Cowboys could use some help on defense and especially in the secondary, but they aren’t going to overspend to get it. The 2019 season of NFL free agency will have a host of safeties looking for new homes and big contracts, but rumor has it that most of them won’t find it coming from Jerry Jones.