‘Married At First Sight’ Recap For Luke And Kate: Kate Considering Divorce

According to a report by Us Weekly, Kate is considering a divorce after what happened on their first-month anniversary. It would be an understatement to say that Kate and Luke have been having a rough marriage over the last few episodes.

As covered previously by The Inquisitr, Kate has been trying desperately to build a relationship with Luke but doesn’t feel she’s getting much effort from him. Kate describes feeling “alone” and even gave Luke the opportunity to reveal his true feelings about their relationship, even if it meant calling it quits. However, he responded with only silence.

Then on the morning of their one-month anniversary, Kate was left sobbing in bed as Luke went out to hang with friends.

“One month ago, I never would’ve expected that my husband wouldn’t want to spend our one-month anniversary together. It’s disappointing because it means so much to me to be married,” she said between tears.

It seems that act of being left alone on their special day was the final straw and she’s considering divorce.

“I hit a breaking point. I thought about the divorce option.”

Surprisingly, Luke seems frustrated that Kate has jumped to what he views as such an “extreme” absolute.

“Do you think I’m not getting attached at all? I’m really shocked right now. I knew things weren’t great between us, but I didn’t know they were this bad,” he claimed when Kate revealed her thoughts of divorce.

The statement is surprising considering how things went on last week’s episode and the heartache and drama he’s put Kate through any time she’s tried to open up to him.

Kate expressed her doubt when she claimed that any feelings she had for Luke were the result of what she wanted in an ideal husband and Luke’s “manipulation.”

She goes on to say that the combination of her romanticized thoughts of marriage and his manipulation has created a “dangerous game,” and she’s sick of playing.

While it’s unfortunate that things have gotten so bad between the two, it might be the low they need to rebuild things between them.

One of Kate’s greatest frustrations with Luke was that he didn’t value their relationship nor consider her feelings. Now that she’s gotten his attention and emphasized how bad things are, maybe he’ll notice and be willing to make some changes to salvage things.

Of course with how upset Kate was on their one-month anniversary, it might be too late. Fans will simply have to wait until next week to find out if the two can patch things up or if they’ll call it quits.

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