‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: Luke And Kate’s Depressing Anniversary

Tuesday’s episode of Married at First Sight saw Kate Sisk in tears when Luke Cuccurullo ditched her on their first month anniversary, according to Us Weekly.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, the sneak peek of last night’s episode looked very depressing for Sisk when her husband left her alone on their one-month anniversary. Some fans were likely hoping that the preview into that heart-wrenching episode was just for show and that Cuccurullo would somehow bring it home and surprise her later on in the day. Unfortunately for Sisk and her fans, it never happened.

On the day of their anniversary, Cuccurullo had an alarm set for 8 a.m. The alarm was not for her and not for them, but rather so he could go spend time with his friends all day long.

Sisk sobbed after her husband abandoned her on her special day.

“One month ago, I never would’ve expected that my husband wouldn’t want to spend our one-month anniversary together. It’s disappointing because it means so much to me to be married.”

The previous day, Sisk had been trying desperately to make their relationship work. She described feeling “alone” in their marriage and feels that Cuccurullo isn’t understanding what his actions and his words are doing to her.

She even gave him the chance to come out and say that things weren’t working for him or that he didn’t feel anything for her. But to Sisk’s dismay, he stayed silent and wouldn’t tell her his thoughts.

“I have given you everything that is me and that’s OK. this isn’t the stranger that you wanted to marry, so it’s fine,” she said to him, trying to draw out his feelings on their relationship.

But as last night’s episode proved, he didn’t put too much stock in their relationship and instead chose to spend the day with his friends, while his wife spent what should have been a special day home alone sobbing in bed.

Admittedly, it could be that a one-month anniversary wasn’t terribly meaningful to him, but it was to Sisk and she made that very clear. Cuccurullo refusing to celebrate a day that has so much meaning to his wife, while their marriage is in such a rocky state as it is, suggests that he doesn’t seem to value the relationship or her feelings.

Until the next episode airs, or until the showrunners decide to provide more sneak peeks, fans will just have to be left wondering what’s going to happen to the two after Cuccurullo broke Sisk’s heart on their one-month anniversary.

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