Piers Morgan Describes Kylie Jenner As ‘Dim’ As A Piece Of Bread

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Kylie Jenner may be the youngest self-made billionaire in the history of the world but Piers Morgan slammed her success big time and commented if her sister Kim had never made a sex tape, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan would still be lurking under a rock somewhere – unknown and uncelebrated.

They’re harsh words, but Morgan has somewhat of a reputation as being a harsh-tongued man.

Jenner recently made headlines when she topped the Forbes rich list and snatched the title of the youngest self-made billionaire of all time from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The young entrepreneur made her fortune through the runaway success of Kylie Cosmetics. She owns a 100 percent stake in the company and credits its fortune to her huge social media following. Jenner also enjoys a lucrative stream of income from endorsements and her family’s reality TV show.

Morgan is distinctly not impressed by the wealthy starlet. The Daily Mail reports that the opinionated journalist laid into the billionaire on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. During an extraordinary rant, he accused the reality star of cashing in on her older sister Kim Kardashian’s notorious sex tape.

Morgan snarled, “When you say ‘self made’, her sister had sex with somebody, the tape got leaked, and the whole family cashed in.

“If Kim Kardashian hadn’t made that sex tape that then got leaked… She took ownership of it, made millions, and made a family franchise out of it… None of them would have ever been heard of. That, I think, is a more accurate account of this thrilling entrepreneurial story.”

Morgan went on to sarcastically mock Jenner’s billionaire status branding it “a triumph against all adversity.”

To add insult to injury, Morgan also stated that in his opinion, Kylie Jenner isn’t “even that good looking.”

Morgan snapped, “I would have her at number four on the list of Kardashians, and the ones above her aren’t much better. I’m not being rude, the only hot Kardashian is Kendall [Jenner], the others… None of them are hot!

“Kendall is the only one you can honestly say is model quality, Kylie is as dim as a lump of bread.”

Piers Morgan gazing up at the Heavens.
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Not finished with throwing seven different kinds of shade on Jenner and her extended family, Morgan described the family matriarch Kris Jenner as a “pimp” and accused her of making money off the back of her daughter’s sex tape.

He then went on to sympathize slightly with Kim Kardashian, who must be “seething” at her sister’s billionaire status because “She made the sex tape, she owned the sex tape, she had to perform… Poor Kim, she put the yards in for the tape. Ray J, why have his siblings not become billionaires? It’s so unfair.”