‘Women Tell All’ Spoilers: ‘The Bachelor’ Special Brings More Chaos With Onyeka Ehie And Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Craig SjodinABC

Every season, the women from The Bachelor come together to film a “tell-all” about their experiences from filming. Oftentimes, the editors have to manipulate things to generate enough buzzworthy drama to air. When it comes to Colton Underwood’s ladies, however, spoilers hint that they did just fine all on their own. Viewers saw plenty of tension build between Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar this winter, and things will remain tense during the “Women Tell All.”

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Onyeka and Nicole will be front-and-center during Tuesday night’s “Women Tell All” special. Gossip king Reality Steve notes that Nicole will spend some time in the “hot seat” on stage with host Chris Harrison, and he’ll ask her about how emotional she was during Colton’s season.

Nicole will explain that she’s an emotional Latina who was just being completely herself throughout her experience on The Bachelor. Spoilers detail that she’ll talk about her brother A.J. — who lives with autism — and viewers will see her get a lifetime supply of Halo Top ice cream.

In addition to her time in the hot seat, Bachelor spoilers tease that Chris will initiate some discussion about the drama that played out between Onyeka and Nicole in the house. Viewers will remember that this battle even prompted Colton to walk out of the cocktail party for a bit, and he ended up eliminating both women at the following rose ceremony.

It sounds as if Ehie and Lopez-Alvar will essentially pick up where they left off with their battle. Onyeka will push Nicole to give specific examples of when she was supposedly bullied during filming. In addition, someone else will detail that Lopez-Alvar had said that contestant Elyse Dehlbom shouldn’t get a rose from Colton on a date because she was too old, and not pretty enough.

Nicole supposedly also said, at one point, that Colton should pick someone like her over someone “All-American.” Lopez-Alvar denies this during the “WTA,” but Reality Steve’s spoilers note that Tracy Shapoff jumps in and says it happened.

All in all, The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Nicole will have a pretty rough go of things during Tuesday’s show. Given the ongoing drama between them, it will come as no surprise if both Lopez-Alvar and Ehie get cast on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, everybody will have to wait a while to see if that happens.

Onyeka teased via her Instagram page that things do get intense during Tuesday’s “Women Tell All,” and fans cannot wait to check it out for themselves. The Bachelor spoilers hint that it’ll be a jam-packed episode, and viewers will have a lot to talk about once it’s over.