Mueller Tells Judge That Roger Stone Violated His Gag Order With Instagram Story

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reported Roger Stone to the judge who gagged him with a warning not to talk about his case publicly. But despite Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s February warning, Stone has continued posting on Instagram, especially on Instagram Story, which disappears in 24 hours.

The Daily Mail reports that Stone mocked up a movie poster from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit to say “Who Framed Roger Stone,” suggesting the special counsel is somehow making an innocent man look guilty. The judge had warned Stone that, while he was allowed to profess his innocence and raise money for his defense, he was not allowed to otherwise comment on the case.

Mueller presented Judge Jackson with a report saying that in addition to the movie poster mock-up, Stone was also advertising the re-release of his book, The Myth of Russian Collusion: The Inside Story of How Donald Trump Really Won, on Amazon. In the preview, Stone writes that Mueller might be framing him to force him to testify against the president.

“Mr. Mueller may frame me for some bogus charge in order to silence me or induce me to testify against the president.”

Stone’s narrative continues to say that he personally is being targeted because “Deep State liberals” want to silence him and pressure him to turn on his old friend, Donald Trump.

Following Mueller’s report to the judge, Stone’s defense lawyer wrote one of his own to ask for clarification on the February gag order, saying that the content of the upcoming book was written in January, before the gag order went into place. He adds that not a word in the book or in support of the book was written after the gag was put in place.

But Mueller’s report says that the Instagram post was submitted after the gag order, and it “mirrors” the language in Stone’s upcoming book. For this reason, the special counsel says that Stone has violated the gag order, at least in spirit.

Mashable says that this latest stunt could get Stone locked up as it seems to violate the judge’s warning that the political consultant shouldn’t post anything that might “pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case.”

And Stone didn’t stop at an Instagram Story because he’s now selling shirts with the saying “Who Framed Roger Stone,” which include a link to a website of the same name.

Judge Jackson could rule on the matter later this week.

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