March 5, 2019
Jonas Brothers Begin Their Weeklong Takeover Of 'The Late Late Show' And Tell All

The Daily Mail reports that the Jonas Brothers had a lot to say about their hiatus over the last 10 years on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Monday night was the first of many nights that the Jonas Brothers will appear on The Late Late Show, and fans couldn't be happier. During a fascinating tell-all session, they revealed what sparked their reunion, how it all came together, and how difficult it was to keep everything a secret.

After Corden asked what brought the band back together, Nick Jonas revealed that it was the upcoming Amazon documentary that really kicked things off. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, the documentary will be an "intimate look at their lives" chronicling what happened after the breakup, their reunion, and their return to touring.

The brothers said that as they began filming the documentary a year and a half ago, they said they realized how much of an impact being a band had on their lives and that without it, something was "missing." The three got back together to start creating music like they used to, and before they knew it, they were planning a Jonas Brothers reunion.

Obviously, such a momentous event had to be kept secret until the right time. Though as Kevin Jonas reveals, the jig was almost up after they ran into at the airport in London.

The lead member and founder of the Black Eyed Peas was curious as to why the three brothers were together in London. Kevin recalled that he lied and said they were there for a family vacation a "whole fam jam."

Corden then asked them what it was like to perform together again in New York for their secret concert.

"It was amazing," responded Nick.

However, it seems that the experience has also raised some concerns about the upcoming tour. Joe revealed they are using teleprompters because they're worried about forgetting lyrics to songs they haven't performed in ten years.

It was a fun segment that revealed how much, and yet also how little, the Jonas Brothers have changed over the years.

All three brothers will make reoccurring appearances on The Late Late Show for the rest of the week. They're also slated to do a Carpool Karaoke show, which will mark the first-ever televised performance of their new song, "Sucker."

It seems the reunion has been good for the brothers, and their die-hard fans couldn't be more excited.