People Are Throwing Cheese At Their Babies And Posting It Online In The Weird ‘Cheese Challenge’

This is one of the stranger things the Internet has created.


This is one of the stranger things the Internet has created.

The Internet is a strange and weird place that doesn’t often make a lot of sense, but it can also be the best friend of many people. Some of the weirdest things end up taking place on Twitter and Facebook and random websites, but this new trend may be up there with the worst. Lately, a number of videos have been trending which show people taking pieces of cheese and throwing them on the faces of their babies.

That is literally it.

Some people love to try and figure the color of the dress. Other people think it is interesting to share news of celebrity deaths before finding proof that they are even true. Now, the latest viral trend is something called the “Cheese Challenge” which comes with the #cheesed hashtag.

It all started with a dad in Michigan named Charles Amara. As reported by WXYZ, the dad posted a video online of him approaching his young baby as the kid sits in a high chair enjoying a drink from his sippy cup.

Charles’ hand can be seen with a piece of cheese in front of the camera and eventually being thrown right onto the baby’s face. The child sits there shocked and stunned before the video comes to an abrupt end.

In a little over a week, the video has been shared more than 161,000 times.

The comments range from hilarity to envy to some saying that the dad should not treat his young child in such a manner. Most people just find it funny and aside from the thousands of shares, Amara has started a viral trend that may end up winning the award as one of the weirdest ever.

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Apparently the #cheesechallenge is a thing #baby #oregon

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Some people either don’t have a child or didn’t feel right throwing it at their own kid, so, they decided to improvise. There are also videos of the “Cheese Challenge” being performed by people who are throwing the slices on their pets.

Some people have just decided to take it to the adult level and are filming themselves as they throw cheese on their friends. Chrissy Teigen finds humor in the prank, but she just can’t find it in her heart to have her child get #cheesed.


Don’t worry, Chrissy Teigen. There are plenty of people on Twitter and Facebook who are more than happy to chuck dairy products at the faces of their kids.

If you’re looking to waste a piece of cheese or two, have a baby nearby, and want to go viral, you can join the “Cheese Challenge.” Make sure to use the hashtag of #cheesed to get yourself noticed on Twitter and Facebook or you’ll miss your moment. For those who find it too weird to even watch the videos, you truly aren’t alone, but you’re likely outnumbered.