Bethenny Frankel’s Lawyer Accuses Jason Hoppy Of Mocking Her Jewish Faith

The custody trial of Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband Jason Hoppy got off to a bumpy start today when the topic quickly turned to religion. Frankel had alleged that her ex was mocking her rediscovered Jewish faith and her lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, had the texts and correspondence to back up her assertions.

Page Six reports that Mayefsky was questioning Hoppy about texts he had sent Frankel asking if he meant to mock Judaism. Hoppy said no, that he has no ill feeling toward the religion.

“I have no bad feelings toward any religion. I have many Jewish friends.”

Frankel laughed at this response and had to cover her mouth in an effort to hide it from the court. Frankel’s father was Jewish and her mother had converted to the religion from Catholicism.

Mayefsky asked Frankel’s ex once again if he meant to mock his former wife, particularly for celebrating Jewish holidays with their daughter, Bryn. Hoppy finally confirmed that this was the case.

“I believe so.”

Another text read aloud in court featured an exchange between the two where Frankel asked to be left alone because it was a holiday weekend, and Hoppy responded, asking if that meant she was Jewish now. Mayefsky plans to keep reading the text messages and emails and submitting them as evidence seeing that he toted in two full binders’ worth of written correspondence.

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel is seeking full custody of 8-year-old daughter Bryn after determining that she could not co-parent with Hoppy after a year of vitriolic and degrading texts and emails. By reading the missives, Frankel’s lawyer is attempting to prove that Hoppy has poisoned the potential that the couple could parent the child together.

Several times Hoppy attempted to walk back his comments.

“It was a childish comment that I regret sending.”

In October a judge told Hoppy that he believed his decision to capitalize on the sudden death of Frankel’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, from a drug overdose was a mistake, making it look as if he were exploiting a tragedy as opposed to showing real concern for his child’s safety, says The Inquisitr. Manhattan Judge Michael Katz chastised Hoppy for coming to court to have his former wife drug tested so soon after Shields’ death.

“There was a tragedy which I think you’re trying to exploit to embarrass Ms. Frankel.”

Judge Katz denied Hoppy’s request to have Bethenny drug tested and scheduled their trial for this month after mediation broke down.