Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’: New Sneak Peek Confirms Reality Steve Teasers, Sheds Light On Key Moments Ahead

The Bachelor spoilers have been teasing that Episode 9 airing Monday night would be a doozy and a new sneak peek gives some fresh insight into what’s on deck. It’s time for Colton Underwood to hit the overnight fantasy suites, but a surprise visitor will shake things up significantly.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, spoiler guru Reality Steve recently revealed some juicy Bachelor teasers. He said that while Cassie Randolph and the other finalists were in Portugal for their dates, her dad showed up to talk with her.

ABC teased that things would blow up in some way when a “bombshell surprise no one saw coming” transpired during Cassie and Colton’s time together. This seemed to allude to what Reality Steve said would happen, and now a new sneak peek seems to confirm that.

The show’s Twitter page shared a video clip from Good Morning America that confirms Cassie’s dad pops up during Monday’s show. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have shared that Cassie gets this visit from her father after the daytime portion of her date with Colton and before the evening part.

The Bachelor spoiler clip syncs well with what Reality Steve has detailed. The sneak peek shows that Mr. Randolph will talk about how he senses that his daughter is conflicted and he remarks that he didn’t sense during the hometown date that she was necessarily in love with Colton. Cassie will open up to her dad and admit that she wishes she had more time before having to make a decision.

Cassie goes on to say that she doesn’t want things to be over with Colton. At the same time, she is scared by the idea of getting to the end of filming and being faced with a proposal. The Bachelor spoilers tease that this difficult conversation likely comes after Underwood talked with Randolph during the early part of their date about how her father’s hesitation to give his blessing didn’t change anything in Colton’s mind.

Colton may be feeling confident at this juncture, but Bachelor spoilers hint that Cassie will be feeling exactly the opposite. Viewers have watched all season as Underwood talked about wanting to end this journey with a proposal and he’s been worried that he was keeping women who might not share that same goal. The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve have signaled that this fear becomes a reality and so far all the stars are aligning to prove his teasers right.

Viewers can surely count on being left with a cliffhanger at the end of Monday’s show. The “Women Tell All” special airs Tuesday night, and then the rest of Colton Underwood’s journey will be shown next Monday and Tuesday. Those with the show have promised that this would be a wild ride at the end and it looks like all the hype was actually right this time.

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