Leah Messer Disses Jeremy Calvert On ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Sharing Photo Of Boyfriend Jason Jordan On Instagram

Leah Messer knows Jeremy has the 'potential' to be a good dad.

Leah Messer is seen on 'Teen Mom 2.'

Leah Messer knows Jeremy has the 'potential' to be a good dad.

Leah Messer isn’t happy with Jeremy Calvert’s parenting.

In a new sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah is seen meeting with her sister, Victoria Messer, to discuss her issues with Jeremy after he called off a scheduled visit with their child due to illness.

“If I was away for a couple months, I’d want to be with my kid every single day,” Leah explained, according to a March 4 report from Monsters and Critics. “He’s not completely absent but….”

“Yeah, kind of he is,” Victoria replied.

According to Leah, Jeremy called her to say that he wouldn’t be getting their five-year-old daughter, Adalynn, from school because he was sick. He had hitherto been out of town for work for some time. Right away, Leah revealed, Adalynn became upset. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t be with him.

“I feel like he loves her but personally, I want her to have a dad in her life,” Messer continued. “He has the potential to be a great dad. So, don’t affect her with abandonment issues. It breaks my heart.”

Leah and Jeremy got married in 2012, and welcomed daughter Adalynn one year later. Then, in October of 2014, Calvert announced plans to divorce Leah after accusing her of cheating. In June of the following year, their divorce was finalized.

Leah is now dating Jason Jordan, and Jeremy appears to be single.


Early last summer, Leah went public with Jason during a family vacation with her kids in Florida. Since then, the couple has been sharing a number of posts about one another on Instagram. In their Instagram Stories, and in one of Leah’s latest captions, she shared an “I love you” message with her boyfriend.

At the end of last year, rumors began swirling in regard to a potential breakup between Leah and Jason. However, by Christmas, they proved they were back together and celebrating the holidays as a family. They even showed off their mantle, one which included Christmas stockings for the two of them. Stockings were also present for Leah’s three girls and Jason’s young son.

“Even though he’s older, they have a lot in common,” a source previously told Us Weekly of the couple. “They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

To see more of Messer and her family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.