‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Ryan’s Scrambling, Curtis Is Asking Questions, And Finn Cautions Anna

Viewers will not want to miss a minute of Monday’s General Hospital. Spoilers hint that there will be big developments coming on multiple fronts and this March 4 show will set the stage for a full week of chaos.

The last that fans saw, Carly had startled Ryan as he was coveting the licenses he has stored in a wooden box in the trunk. As The Inquisitr has previously revealed, General Hospital spoilers indicate that this confrontation will lead to Ryan trapping Carly in the trunk of the car.

Before Ryan can get too far away with Ava, General Hospital spoilers share that Felicia will also approach the man she thinks is “Kevin” and make it clear she’s looking for answers. The Inquisitr notes that Felicia will seemingly escape being taken by Ryan, a lucky break considering how obsessed he used to be with her.

As Ryan is working his way out of the parking lot, General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek detail that Ava will be excitedly sharing her news with Julian. She’ll tell her brother she’s about to get married and while she knows Julian’s not entirely supportive of this, she’ll make it clear she’s moving forward anyway.

Over at General Hospital, Curtis and Chase will discuss the mystery call on Jordan’s phone. Neither of them knew about the plan she concocted with Franco, and she’s not in a position to fill them in right now. Chase is already questioning some of the details he’s uncovering about this investigation, and once Curtis and Chase listen to the message from Franco, they’ll likely both start scrambling.

Laura and Kevin remain trapped in the Ferncliff basement, and Laura will voice concern that they’re in real trouble. General Hospital spoilers suggest that they’ll be worried that Ryan could return at any moment, and they’ll be desperate to find a way out.

Luckily, Laura will find an avenue that will allow her to escape, and it sounds as if both Laura and Kevin will soon make contact with others. However, Ryan, Carly, and Ava will already be on the road.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Elizabeth will be involved in the action playing out during Monday’s episode, too. She’ll be facing some major issues, and this is surely related to Franco’s injuries and his comments about Ryan being responsible for what he’d said he did.

Not only will Liz be worrying about Franco, but she’ll likely soon learn that Cameron and the other teens have decided to go off on an adventure that could lead to tragedy. Viewers feel fairly certain that the teens will cross paths with Ryan in some way since they’re all headed in the same direction, but it’s not known if that’ll come Monday or later in the week.

There’s also a conversation involving Anna and Finn on the way. She’s concerned about the work that Cabot did years ago and worried that some of Alex’s memories may have been transplanted to her. Finn will point out that she may have to talk with Alex to get any real answers, and viewers can’t help but think this is laying the groundwork for a revelation that Peter is Alex’s son, not Anna’s.

Sonny will be facing an intense battle in trying to find Dante, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will quickly be worried about Carly’s whereabouts. Teasers hint that the last few minutes of Monday’s show could be especially wild, and the entire week is shaping up to be a crazy one.

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