‘Alaskan Bush People’ Recap: Noah Shocks Family With Baby Announcement

According to a report by Popculture, the Season 9 premiere of Alaskan Bush People had Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Alisha shocking the family with news of an upcoming baby.

Last season had the family in a rift as Brown married Rhain Alisha, bringing the first outsider ever to join the Wolfpack. Last night’s season premiere proved this step in Noah’s life is having mixed results with the family.

Snowbird, in particular, seemed ruffled by the new development due to personality conflicts with Rhain.

Yet when Brown and Alisha revealed the news of their pregnancy, the response was overwhelmingly excited.

They held up a sign that read “Coming Next Spring” and had a sonogram of their unborn child. Ami Brown seemed particularly overwhelmed by the news.

“Noah brings great joy to my heart. It’s amazing that the youngest of five boys, he was the first to get married and the first to have a child. It’s very wonderful.”

Perhaps a good deal of the emotion was how close she came to not being alive to receive the exciting news. Two years ago, Mrs. Brown had been diagnosed with cancer that threatened to cut her lifespan short.

It was because of this diagnosis that the family decided to relocate to Washington to build a new homestead. But after several rounds of cancer treatments, Brown was told by doctors that she was “cancer-free.”

“I thank God that he let me live to see [the new baby],” she declared.

Noah was excited by his mother’s enthusiastic response of the news she was becoming a grandmother but wonders at how the other members of the family are taking it.

He revealed to the camera that he’s worried his sister Snowbird isn’t terribly excited by the news. In his mind, the pregnancy isn’t “something that can be changed by popular opinion” if she and other members of the family don’t receive it well.

Snowbird admitted she has mixed feelings about the baby, given her feelings toward Alisha, and said she’s struggling to let “past problems be past problems” so she can be happy for Noah.

On February 26, Noah and Rhain revealed the birth of their son Elijah Connor Brown, as reported by People. While it’s a definite spoiler for Season 9 of the show, it is wonderful to hear that the baby is alive and well.

For the rest of the season, fans will find out about the drama and struggles the family went through leading up to the birth of Elijah and if Snowbird will let the past remain in the past, or let her feelings keep her from enjoying her brother’s wonderful news.