Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Big Jason-Filled Set Of Episodes Ahead

ABC has made it clear that the week of March 4 will be a big one on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that everybody in Port Charles is on high alert and there are big twists and turns on the way. It sounds as if there is something for everyone this week, but fans who have been itching to see more of Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan appear to be in luck.

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will be included in all five episodes set to air during the week of March 4. This news has a lot of fans buzzing, and they cannot wait to see Jason back in his element more than he often has been in recent months.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that much of the action Jason sees this week is related to Carly. These two have a friendship that viewers really enjoy and that friendship will be central to what comes next for Carly. As The Inquisitr has shared, Ryan will kidnap Carly after she confronts him in the parking garage. Luckily, Jason will not waste any time in trying to pin down where she is.

SheKnows Soaps details that during Monday’s episode, Jason will be feeling determined. The buzz is that he will try to call Carly and end up finding her ringing phone on the ground in the parking lot. Naturally, he’ll be curious about what happened. He’ll initially think she may have just dropped her phone getting into the car, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll soon become much more concerned.

Jason will be feeling troubled during Tuesday’s show and the latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest details that he will quickly come to believe Carly has truly gone missing. He will believe she could be in danger and the latest spoilers for General Hospital reveal that he’ll somehow cross paths with the real Kevin.

When he encounters Kevin, Jason will learn about how anxious Ryan is to marry Ava. General Hospital spoilers note that Jason will reach out to Julian to gain some insight during Wednesday’s show. Thursday’s episode will show Jason feeling increasingly desperate to figure out where Carly is and he won’t let anything stop him from finding answers.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show reveal that Jason will be too late in some way. Many fans have worried that this may mean he’ll find Carly after something drastic has happened, like a miscarriage. However, it may also simply mean that he catches up to someplace Kevin stopped with Carly but arrived too late to catch up with them there.

There seems to be a lot of Jason coming up during the following week as well. He’ll be determined on Monday, March 11 and he’ll work with Drew to piece some things together later in the week. At the end of that following week, he’ll be talking with Molly and doing his best to reassure her in some way.

Fans of Steve Burton will be thrilled to see so much of him throughout this week’s episodes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as if there is much on the horizon involving Jason with Sam.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Sam will be deeply focused on her plan regarding Shiloh and Jason will put all of his efforts into tracking down Carly. Sonny is out of the country trying to find Dante, and it looks like Jason will make it his mission to rescue his best friend and try to ensure she’s safe.

Can Jason save Carly before any harm comes to her? General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s going to be a fast-paced week jam-packed with action, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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