Donald Trump 2020 Loss Indicated By New Poll, Only Four In Ten Voters Would Vote For Him

Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election if new polling results released today by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal are any indication of the future. Trump would only get 40 percent of the vote, while his hypothetical Democrat challenger would get 48 percent.

As Politico reports, pollsters interviewed voters between February 24-27, asking them how they would cast their vote in the upcoming election. Only 41 percent said they were definitely likely or somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2020. Forty-eight percent, by contrast, said that they were definitely likely or somewhat likely to vote for Trump’s Democrat challenger.

However, the election is well over a year away, and things can change at a moment’s notice. As Vox notes, Republicans in 1995 were convinced Bill Clinton would only serve one term, as polling this early in the election cycle had him pulling in a mere 38 percent of the vote. However, Clinton went on to win re-election and serve a second term. By comparison, two-term president Barack Obama was polling at 45 percent at this point in the election cycle before his second term, and George W. Bush was polling at 52 percent.

Among his conservative base, however, Trump retains strong support. Among the poll respondents who identified as Republican, 88 percent said they would vote for him in 2020.

Trump’s strongest approval numbers came from rural voters (60 percent); whites without a college degree (60 percent); men (54 percent); and whites overall (54 percent). Similarly, his strongest disapproval numbers came from minority groups. Eighty-eight percent of African-Americans and 64 percent of Latinos said they disapproved of Trump, while younger voters (identified as being age 18-34) also disapproved of Trump, to the tune of 57 percent.

Meanwhile, there is more bad news for Trump within those polling numbers.

For example, 58 percent of poll respondents said they don’t believe Trump is telling the truth about the Russia probe, and 60 percent of respondents disapprove of Trump’s national emergency declaration to find funding to build a border wall.

As far as his overall job approval rating, however, Trump’s remains steady at 46 percent. It’s remained above 40 percent for the last nine Wall Street Journal polls.

Who will be Trump’s Democratic challenger in 2020 is anybody’s guess. Just Monday morning, as The Inquisitr reports, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced that he would be seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2020. He joins 13 other Democrats who have announced their candidacy, and a handful of others are still teasing that they may yet make a decision, even though they haven’t yet made an official announcement.

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