Oklahoma Teen Flees Town After Getting Death Threats Over Killing A Pit Bull

An Oklahoma teenager fled town after getting death threats over a post on Facebook. Caisen Green, 18, posted a graphic photo of a pit bull he had killed with a bow and arrow. The dog apparently came onto his property and the high school students killed it and then took photos to post online.

The text beneath photo of the dead pit bull republished by The Blaze reads:

“For all you pit lovers out there. Here’s what happens when one shows up around my house.”

Facebook ultimately removed the photo and disabled Caisen Green’s page for the time being. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the entire incident. Since the Oklahoma teenager left town after receiving death threats, deputies have not been able to question him.

Undersheriff Jason Chennault had this to say about the pit bull killing and Facebook death threats during an interview with the Muskogee Phoenix:

“I understand people don’t want to see animals hurt. But death threats are not going to help the situation.”

When asked about possible charges regarding the pit bull’s death, Chennault noted that killing dogs is a “gray area.” If the animal was threatening the teenager or his livestock, he was entitled to take action to stop it. The investigation into the dog’s death is expected to conclude this week. Once he Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office completes the report, it will be sent on to the district attorney’s office for review.

Casien Green will reportedly speak will deputies later today. The local Humane Society chapter noted their shock over the post of the pit bull killed with a bow and arrow, but won’t be requesting jail time for the teenager. The group believes jail won’t change Green’s attitude about the pit bull breed. They agree that dog-related community service would be a more suitable punishment.

What do you think about the teenager posting photos of the pit bull killed with a bow and arrow online?

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