New #VansChallenge Has People Throwing Their Shoes

According to Mashable, the Vans Challenge is the latest internet trend that has Vans owners throwing their shoes to see if they land right side up.

The latest viral challenge is said to have been started by @Ibelievethehype on Twitter. The user shared a short two-second video of them throwing a pair of black and white checkered Vans across the room where the shoes bounced right side up.

This prompted a string of responses as people around the world tried the claim for themselves and were pleasantly surprised by the results.

It seems almost any kind of Vans you throw, the rubber-soled bottoms will cause the shoe to bounce upright.

Since the video went up on March 2, it started a viral challenge that has already seen dozens upon dozens of people testing out or demonstrating the challenge.

Some have noted the similarity of the Vans challenge to the bottle flipping challenge that dominated the internet and young teens’ spare time in 2016.

One Twitter user posted a video of himself throwing the shoes using the familiar bottle flip technique, saying he was doing the test with the “skills of bottle flipping.”

Some of those trying the challenge are having negative results and have declared the theory of Vans flipping false. Like one user on Twitter whose Vans fell flat and failed to turn upright.

Another user on Twitter suggested his shoes might be defective for failing the challenge and asked if he “Should get a refund?”

Others have taken to trolling or joking about the Vans challenge like this individual on Twitter.

As the viral sensation starts gaining steam, some have suggested that the increased attention in Vans and their unique ability to land right side up has created incredible exposure for the company.

It was rumored that the bottle flip challenge in 2016 led to increased sales of water bottles around the country as individuals were testing, experimenting, and honing their flipping skills.

It’s likely that as this challenge gets more attention, people will be digging their shoes out of the closet, buying a new pair of Vans to test the theory, or even purchasing the diverse styles of shoe that Vans has released in order to test the effectiveness of each type of shoe.

If the company acts quickly, they could likely capitalize on this newest viral challenge and have an effective marketing tool to sell more product.

In the meantime, a generation of internet users will be throwing their shoes around to the confusion of anyone not aware of this latest trend.