‘American Idol’ Recap: Vietnamese Contestant Could Be The Next Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan Says

USA Today reports that judges were absolutely blown away by one contestant’s performance that they’re calling her the new Kelly Clarkson.

Sunday night’s Season 17 premiere of American Idol is already proving to be a sucker punch of emotions for fans. While there were many incredible auditions and some very disturbing ones, fans are raving about the young woman from Vietnam with a powerful voice.

According to Bustle, Myra Tran is a 19-year-old Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the United States to become a singer.

“I [moved] here so I can follow my dream. It’s the best way to follow my dream,” she told the judges during her audition.

She says her passion for singing and the desire to become a famous singer started after hearing Whitney Houston in the sixth grade. She said hearing Houston’s powerful voice stirred a passion inside of her to appear on stage and sing just like her.

For her audition, she chose to perform “One Night Only,” an incredible song from the musical film Dreamgirls that was performed by former Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson.

All three judges were stunned by Tran’s incredible performance and were on their feet cheering as the last notes fell away. Luke Bryan declared her the next Kelly Clarkson.

“You’re up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world; that’s the only way that I can say it.”

“There’s nothing we can compare you to. You have stepped into a zone that’s yours, and what I want you to do from now on is rule your zone,” said Lionel Richie about her performance.

Katy Perry was in disbelief that Tran was still in high school and had that level of talent.

Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie arrive at ABC's "American Idol" show on April 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, California

Tran’s appearance on American Idol isn’t her first attempt to kickstart her music career. Three years ago, as a 16-year-old, she won Season 2 of The X-Factor in Vietnam.

While the win was a huge boon to her goal to become a famous singer and a strong boost to her confidence, she knew she needed to come to the United States to really take things to the next level. She revealed that her family wasn’t initially supportive of her goal to become a singer, and had to listen to and practice singing American songs in secret.

Her talent was discovered by someone who overheard her singing in the school bathroom. Later, she was convinced to try and win a number of small-time competitions before her ambitions took her to The X-Factor.

Upon winning that show, her family warmed to the idea of her becoming a singer. Now that she’s received the green light to compete from the judges on American Idol, her family couldn’t be happier.

While she faces some stiff competition from very talented individuals, Tran is already winning the hearts and minds of fans.