British Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn Pelted By An Egg-Wielding Brexit Supporter

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was struck with an egg while visiting a mosque by a pro-Brexit demonstrator. The man was arrested and taken into custody, and Corbyn’s visit continued.

Express says that the man, 41, was taken into custody on suspicion of assault. Corbyn was visiting Finsbury Park Mosque in north London on Sunday for a Visit My Mosque Day event when the incident occurred.

Before arriving at Finsbury Park, Corbyn had visited the Muslim Welfare Center to meet with worshippers just before the man pelted him with the egg. A London Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that the protester made contact with the egg and hit “a member of parliament.”

“A 41-year-old man was quickly detained by officers on scene and arrested on suspicion of assault. He is currently in custody at a north London police station.”

The man is not a member of the mosque, but seemed to be waiting inside for Corbyn. After the Labor leader arrived, the man walked up to him and cracked the egg over his head, but was detained before he could leave the building. The man said that he was peaceful, but wanted what he had voted for.

“When you vote you get what you vote for. I believe in peace. I believe in voting.”

Labor MP Jess Phillips came to Corbyn’s defense to say that if you resort to violence, you have already lost your battle.

“Acts of violence against politicians, loses your argument, lessens your cause and demeans our democracy. It’s also just horrid. Don’t do it. If you don’t agree with him raise your voice not your fists.”

Corbyn is not the only politician being called out as the Brexit vote draws near, says The Inquisitr. Theresa May, the current prime minister, has found her job is a delicate balance as March 29 approaches.

Theresa May spoke out to say that she is well aware that the current Brexit deal isn’t perfect, but right now it’s the best thing on the table as a no vote on Brexit would be disastrous.

“No, it is not perfect. And yes it is a compromise. I say we should deliver for the British people and get on with building a brighter future for our country by backing this deal tomorrow.”

May is trying to work out a side agreement with Northern Ireland so that issues between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland aren’t inflamed.

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