WWE Spoilers: Batista Is Back, Rousey Vs. Becky, And Huge Angle Reportedly Planned For ‘Raw’

Last week was supposed to be a huge birthday celebration for Ric Flair, but it turned into a beatdown and the return of Batista to WWE. This week, Triple H is prepared to respond to the big-time message sent to him by his former friend in Evolution. Fastlane is also less than a week away, and the final build-up will continue on Monday Night Raw with a huge rumored angle prepared to go down.

The official website of WWE released their weekly preview for Monday Night Raw, and it looks like it is going to be a great show. Not only is the build-up going to continue for next weekend’s Fastlane, but it’s just a month until WrestleMania 35 and there are a lot of matches that still need to be announced.

Animalistic Aggression

“The Animal” is back in WWE and he made quick work of “The Nature Boy” on last week’s Raw, but why? Fans remember SmackDown 1000 last year where tension was teased between Batista and Triple H, but the two remained friends and on good terms.

It appears as if the goodwill has run out and Batista is going to do whatever it takes to face Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

What Is The Status Of The Raw Women’s Championship?

Last week, Becky Lynch appeared out of the crowd and attacked Ronda Rousey, which led to the champ demanding she be reinstated. When Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t comply, Rousey laid her title belt on the mat and walked out of the ring.

Now, it’s not entirely certain if the champ is still actually the champ, but more will be known on Monday.

Is A Shield Reunion On The Horizon?

Could there possibly be another reunion of The Shield, even though Dean Ambrose appears to be leaving WWE in April? The first hints were dropped last week when Roman Reigns returned to the ring, but Wrestling Inc. said a huge angle is being planned for this week’s Raw and a reunion appears very likely.


Intercontinental And Extraordinary

Finn Balor has been proving his worth in the ring for years, but he’s become even more extraordinary since winning the WWE Intercontinental Title. Lio Rush appears to have already had his chance at competing for the belt, but Balor may feel generous and give him another shot.

SNL “Weekend Update” Hosts Michael Che And Colin Jost To Be Special Guests On Raw

Remember when WWE would have weekly hosts of Monday Night Raw? It doesn’t appear as if they’re going that route again, but a couple of funny guys from Saturday Night Live are stopping by in Philadelphia. It’s going to be interesting to see if their “hold nothing back” attitude comes back to bite them with the Raw locker room.