Rachel Lindsay Says No One From This Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ Should Be The Bachelorette

David BeckerGetty Images

As Chris Harrison says before nearly every season of The Bachelor, it’s been one of the most dramatic seasons yet. Colton Underwood’s quest to find love has been full of distractions and road blocks, many of which were brought about due to arguments among the girls. There’s been more tension than usual this season, with many girls backstabbing one another to try to put themselves more in favor of Colton.

As the numbers are slowly dwindling with all but three girls eliminated, many are starting to speculate about who will be given the role of the next bachelorette. Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay recently said that she believes no one from Colton’s season deserves the position, according to Us Weekly.

Rachel was one of the few who was able to find lasting love in the reality television world. During her stint on The Bachelorette during Season 13, she was able to find what she was looking for. She became engaged to Bryan Abasolo and the pair remain happily together. Rachel went into the show with positive intentions and remained true to herself throughout the process. However, she’s not so certain that any of the girls from Colton’s season would be able to do the same.

“I don’t think it should be anybody from this season. There’s just so much cattiness going on. You don’t know who to believe, you don’t know what’s true. I don’t trust any of them! She said this, she said that, and usually, when you get down to the top four, it’s drama-free. … There’s just so much going on. I don’t like it! I can’t see any of them being the next Bachelorette.”

Many believed that recently eliminated Caelynn Miller-Keyes would be a good fit for the role. She has stood out among the rest of the women for her eloquence and honesty in speaking about her difficult past. Although it’s possible that ABC will still offer the role, it’s not likely she’ll take it.

In a recent interview, Caelynn said she has no interest in being the next bachelorette, due to how difficult she found the process to be. She even admitted that there were several occasions that she went to the producers and told them she was considering leaving altogether. While she did end up seeing the journey through, she left with a broken heart. Even while filming, she said that a future as the bachelorette “was the furthest thing from my mind because I was in love with Colton.”