Nigel Farage Praises Trump Emergency Declaration

In an interview with the Washington Examiner published on Saturday, Nigel Farage, the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader and key Brexit figure, praised Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency.

The British right-winger shares many of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration sentiments, so this comes as no surprise. Much like Trump, Farage has been outspoken about the alleged need to curb immigration.

According to the British politician, Trump was right to declare a national emergency because there is indeed an emergency, and there has been for years.

“I think the fact is there’s been an emergency there for a very long time,” he said.

According to Farage, the issue of border control is often downplayed by politicians, but ordinary people are aware of it and concerned about it, which is why Donald Trump was right to declare a national emergency.

“Well, I think actually the whole question of borders and security is something that is very upper most in minds of ordinary people, but very often played down amongst the political class. And I think Trump is right to make an issue of this, absolutely I do.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trump declared a national emergency on February 16, in order to allocate funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. One of Trump’s key 2016 campaign promises, the wall is meant to curb illegal immigration and stop the influx of drugs.

The decision to declare a national emergency came following the reopening of the government after what was the longest and most expensive shutdown in U.S. history. Trump has argued that there is an emergency at the southern border that needs to be addressed, so the order came as no surprise. The president has also vowed to veto any legislation blocking him from declaring a national emergency.

The controversial decision enjoys almost unanimous Republican support. Michigan Representative Justin Amash was one of the few Republicans to publicly oppose it, claiming that Trump is “usurping” legislative powers and violating the U.S. Constitution.

In his interview with the Washington Examiner, British politician Nigel Farage refused to explicitly answer questions pertaining to the legality of Trump’s order, and suggested that observers “see where this finishes up.”

The key Brexit figure added that the Trump administration is both pro-Brexit and pro-British, unlike former President Barack Obama’s administration, concluding that Trump and his allies want to have a better relationship with the United Kingdom. However, according to Farage, that will have to wait.

“The administration would like to have a good bilateral relationship between the two of us, and on the current Brexit course that isn’t going to happen for many, many years to come,” he said.

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