WWE Rumors: Two More Huge Names Revealed For 2019 Class Of WWE Hall Of Fame

The 2019 class for the WWE Hall of Fame is going to be one that includes a lot of talent and history.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake is rumored to be heading into the WWE Hall of Fame

The 2019 class for the WWE Hall of Fame is going to be one that includes a lot of talent and history.

D-Generation X was the first inductee announced for the 2019 class in the WWE Hall of Fame, and that includes all six members. The second inductee revealed was the Honky Tonk Man who is one of the greatest WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time. Now, there are rumors floating around of two more of this year’s inductees and they are going to add a lot of talent and history to WrestleMania 35 weekend.

With DX and HTM already announced, the 2019 class is one that brings about a number of championship reigns and wrestling history. It’s not yet confirmed who will head the class, but it is very likely that D-Generation X will be the leads for this year.

Each class typically has 5-7 inductees and that leaves a number of names still left to reveal, and there isn’t a lot of time left until WrestleMania 35 weekend. WWE now has just about a month to unveil the rest of the class, and now, there are rumors swirling around of two more big names who will likely be revealed soon.

According to the official Twitter account of WrestleVotes, WWE will soon announce that Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Torrie Wilson are going into the Hall of Fame. While anything is possible to change as the promotion hasn’t said anything officially yet, this Twitter account is usually spot-on.

Beefcake had a rather lengthy career in WWE and was often partnered with Hulk Hogan as the two were close friends. He eventually went to WCW and had a number of different gimmicks including the Zodiac and Booty Man.

After the New World Order came into place, Beefcake eventually transformed his entire appearance and turned into The Disciple. Once again, he was partnered with Hulk Hogan and often did the dirty work for him and the entire nWo.

It actually wouldn’t be surprising if it were Hulk Hogan who did the induction speech for Beefcake at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Of course, that is if WWE doesn’t end up getting rid of inductors as recently reported by The Inquisitr.

During his time in WWF, Beefcake won only one title and that was the WWF Tag Team Championship with Greg Valentine.


The other inductee who is rumored to be announced soon is Torrie Wilson who spent a year in WCW before joining WWF/WWE. Wilson was married to Billy Kidman and played a huge role in the company in the ring and in different storylines.

Wilson has made a number of appearances over the years for WWE and that includes a return to the ring for the battle royal at Evolution.