Offset’s Baby Mama Blasts Him For Claiming He Didn’t Know His Daughter’s Paternity

Kevin Winter Getty Images

For the past few days, Offset has tirelessly promoted his solo album, Father of 4, with a bevy of media appearances. On February 27, the rapper appeared on Power 105.1 FM’s show Breakfast Club for an interview. While chatting on the show, Offset spoke candidly about his emotional reaction to finding out that he was the father of Shya L’amour’s daughter, a child he claims he didn’t know existed. However, some of his comments about his parental discovery reportedly upset L’amour. Offset’s baby mama retaliated to what she felt was clearly an attempt by Offset to deceive the public about their child.

Interestingly, Offset’s new album appears to have gotten some inspiration from his time with L’amour. His muse for his opening track is Kalea, the child he shares with L’amour. Offset’s words express the frame of mind he experienced the moment he found out about his daughter.

“Kalea you was my first, first daughter. I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry. Tell the truth I ain’t really know if I was your father,” Offset raps in his song, according to Celeb News Network.

In Offset’s Breakfast Club interview, the rapper shared a few comments regarding his reaction once he found out about his daughter. Offset’s interview statements about Kalea mirror the reaction he describes in his opening track’s lyrics

“That was one of the hardest moments in my life, to be honest. I was hearing I had a kid. Then when I see the kid I know it’s me. But she’s five months and I don’t even know her. This my first daughter,” Offset stated, according to Celeb News Network.

Offset claims that since he found out about the child, he’s been working on being a father to her. While L’amour admitted that she is happy to see Offset now bonding with Kalea, she didn’t back up his side of the story. L’amour says that Offset always knew about the child and lied about how he found out about her. So, if L’amour is correct, Offset chose to be away from his child.

In a recent video post, L’amour shared her lonely experience, explaining that Offset did not help her during the pregnancy or after she had the baby. Instead, he continued to question his daughter’s paternity. So, as L’amour makes clear in her video, she did everything herself while pregnant and after having the baby. The only assistance she received was from one of her best friends. L’amour also called Offset out on Instagram, claiming that he had lied when he stated he did not know about his daughter’s existence.

“YES im still healing from this! I endured a lot up until he was finally ready to acknowledge her. I stayed quiet for so long because I didn’t want him to resent her!” L’amour said on Instagram, according to Celeb News Network. “But if you’re gonna mention me and OUR story then tell the WHOLE truth!”