March 1, 2019
John Stamos Says That 'Full House' Costar Jodie Sweetin Is The Reason He's Sober Today: 'I Hit Rock Bottom'

John Stamos has come a long way since his dark past and he credits a younger costar for helping him down the right path.

As many will recall, the father of one was rushed to the hospital back in 2015 after he was arrested for DUI. Stamos was reportedly so out of it that police had to rush him to the ER to get him checked out. This was shortly after the death of his beloved mother and it was certainly a rough time in his life. But luckily, he's come a long way since then, he says, and it's all because of Jodie.

Yesterday, Perez Hilton shared that Stamos was in attendance at the Experience, Hope & Strength Awards, where his Full House costar Jodie Sweetin was honored for her touching memoir, Unsweetined, which tells her journey to sobriety. She was also honored for her work with other recovering addicts. Stamos was the one who introduced Sweetin to the crowd and told them how instrumental she was in his own sobriety.

"It took me a long time, a long time disappointing everyone who cared about me, culminating in a terrible DUI where I could have killed somebody. I hit rock bottom."
"Jodie lovingly allowed me to walk my own path and when I finally humbled myself to ask for your help, I realized that the perky little blabbermouth had become the master of wisdom and was right by my side during some of the most difficult days of my life," Stamos tearfully said.Now, John is celebrating four years sober and Jodie is the one he credits his sobriety to. He concluded his little speech by thanking Jodie for all of her help so that his wife and his new son will never see him not sober for as long as they know him.

As soon as John was done honoring Jodie, she took to the stage to accept her award. Sweetin first told John that she's really proud of him for staying sober and told the audience that it's nice to be able to see someone you love have that lightbulb go off in their heads.

Next, the actress thanked her parents who not only gave her unconditional love in her own journey through sobriety but also were incredibly patient and understanding with her. For that, Jodie says she is incredibly grateful and says that she wouldn't have made it through her alcohol abuse and then her eight years of sobriety without them.

"You guys never gave up and you never told me I was bad."
Earlier today, John also took to his Instagram account to share a throwback photo of him and Jodie during their Full House days as well as a photo from the award ceremony last night. Clearly, these two have had a huge impact on each other's lives.