Dorit Kemsley Claims ‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Faked Forgiveness In Puppygate

Back in September 2018, some serious dog drama broke out on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump. Recently, it became apparent that the emotional puppy spectacle wasn’t over yet. For the past few days, Dorit Kemsley has been opening up about her side of the story, trying to clarify the truth about what really happened.

As many fans of RHOBH may already know, Kemsley decided the time was right for a new pet. She decided to adopt a dog from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue organization, known as the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. Then, a report came out from Radar Online saying Kemsley decided she did not want the dog anymore and gave it to an animal shelter.

When Vanderpump learned about the dog’s new whereabouts, she was irate. Vanderpump assumed the dog might be put down by the shelter. Kemsley could have returned the dog to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which is an option provided by the rescue organization if things between the dog and owner don’t work out. Vanderpump’s organization would have kept the dog alive and matched it with somebody else.

According to Kemsley, the story about the adopted dog, Lucy, is not true. When she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on February 26, she shared with Cohen in an interview what she claims actually happened to the pup, according to The Daily Dish. Kemsley said she never took Lucy to a regular animal shelter, and instead took time to find the dog a good home before she gave it away. Kemsley also says that she told Vanderpump about her plans. Vanderpump should have been aware that the dog had found a new home with a family and was not simply dropped off at an animal shelter.

“I feel sick to my stomach hearing Lisa V say in her interview that Lucy ended up in a kill shelter. It was confirmed to Lisa V and I both that it was NOT a kill shelter, that Lucy was never in danger nor brought to a kill shelter, and yet she and her team are relentless in trying to inflate the story. Lucy was at the shelter for an hour before the shelter contacted Vanderpump Dogs,” Kemsley explained, according to Celeb News Network.

Kemsley also added that Vanderpump’s sense of humor, which includes hurtful put-downs and jokes that make fun of other people, is a big turn off for both Kemsley and the rest of the cast. While Kemsley says she understands Vanderpump thinks she is being funny and might not be trying to hurt others, Vanderpump still manages to do so. Proof of this seems apparent on Season 9, which just began, because many fans feel that Vanderpump is becoming slowly ostracized by the rest of the cast.