San Francisco Giants CEO, Larry Baer, Has Public Fight With Wife, Appears To Pull Her To The Ground

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer and his wife, Pamela, had a public argument which got physical and there’s a video to prove it. As TMZ reports, the couple was in a public park when the fight erupted. In the clip, you can see the MLB CEO reach for what appears to be a cellphone from his wife’s hand. His wife is seated and it looks like he pulls her to the ground as he continues to try to wrestle it from her. He continues his attempt even as she’s on the ground screaming.

Baer spoke to reporter Evan Sernoffsky from The San Francisco Chronicle, who tweeted his responses. According to those tweets, Baer said that the argument was about a family member. He added that his wife fell off the chair because she had an injured foot and that he has since apologized to her.

“The matter is resolved,” he added. “It was a squabble over a cell phone. Obviously, it’s embarrassing.”

In subsequent tweets, Sernoffsky reported that police were at the scene interviewing witnesses. He also said that two of those witnesses had to separate Baer from his wife as she cried for help.

According to an article on the Chronicle‘s website, the person who recorded the video did not want to be identified. The video on TMZ’s site is actually two clips that have been spliced together. At the end of the second clip, the Chronicle reports that you can hear Pamela screaming “Oh My God!” and you can see Larry Baer walking off and saying, “Pam, stop!”

Eyewitnesses also said that the couple was having an emotionally intense conversation for about 20 minutes before things got physical.

The Guardian reports that Larry and Pamela Baer have been married or 28 years and that they have four children together.

The Baers later issued a joint statement on the incident which was published by Deadspin.

“Regrettably today we had a heated argument in public over a family matter,” the statement read. “We are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue.

Baer joined the San Francisco Giants’ organization in 1980 and initially worked as a marketing director, The Guardian notes. He was part of a group that purchased the team in the early ’90s to help the team to remain in San Francisco. Over the years, he moved up the corporate ladder until he became the CEO. Deadspin reports that he has worked in several capacities in the organization such as COO and president.