Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Edges Closer To Figuring Out The Truth As Ava Rages At ‘Kevin’

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will be a wild one, according to the latest spoilers. Jordan is still fighting for her life, Franco is injured and desperate, and Ryan is scrambling to maintain his freedom. Viewers have a lot to look forward to in his March 1 show, and it should set the stage for plenty of wild action next week, too.

As viewers know, this is the episode that was originally slated to air on Thursday, February 28. Everything got shifted by a day, and General Hospital spoilers had been teasing that the last few minutes of Friday’s show would be jaw-dropping. Now, it seems everybody should expect for Friday’s episode to be wild, but Monday’s to be even crazier.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter indicates that Curtis will be bracing himself for news from Finn about Jordan. Nina is by her bestie’s side, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s going to be a while before Jordan is fully out of the woods.

Anna will approach Peter and tell him they need to talk, and Robert will be by her side. Robert will be blunt and say that this is about all the lies Peter has told, and fans will be anxious to see what Peter has to say.

Peter is the one who originally told Robert that Jason hadn’t been the first patient impacted by Maddox’s research. Now, it seems likely that Robert and Anna will expect him to share more about what he knows in this regard.

Lulu doesn’t have her memories fully back yet, but she is piecing together some important tidbits. She remembers a key part of what happened right before Ryan attacked her, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Mac and Felicia will be quick to share some thoughts about how this all fits together.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Mac and Felicia will have some theories to share about this case. As Felicia says in the Friday sneak peek, there are no coincidences when it comes to Ryan.

Up until this point, there is no reason for any of them to suspect that Ryan is still alive — or has taken over Kevin’s life. However, if this group puts their heads together and really compares notes, they might get closer to realizing the truth.

Ryan attacked Franco at Ferncliff during Thursday’s show, but General Hospital spoilers signal that he’ll try to make it seem that nothing is amiss. As The Inquisitr has noted, he’ll soon kidnap Carly and head to Canada with Ava, but he will face an angry fiancee first.

Ava will learn that “Kevin” went to visit Franco at Ferncliff, and the discovery will enrage her. She’ll rant about how her fiance went to visit the man who claimed responsibility for taking Kiki away from her, and Ryan will do some fancy footwork to smooth things over with her. Based on other General Hospital spoilers, it sounds as if he’ll manage to be successful.

Friday’s show also brings some intense moments involving Jason and Carly. He’ll caution her that finding out about something is not worth putting both her life and the baby’s at risk. While it’s not clear yet what has Carly angling to do some digging around, it is known that she’ll proceed anyway — and soon significantly regret her decision.

Fans have been speculating about what will come next as these intense storylines emerge, and the next week or two should be quite wild. General Hospital spoilers tease that the episode airing on Friday, March 1, will set the stage for some big twists and turns. Viewers will not want to miss where this heads next.

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