‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Admits He Wants ‘To Be In Love With Cassie’ Heading Into Their Overnight Date

Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season has generated a lot of buzz among viewers, and spoilers tease that Monday night’s episode will eclipse everything else that’s transpired so far. It’s time for the fantasy suite overnight dates, and it’s clear from a new sneak peek that Cassie Randolph has captured a special place in Colton’s heart at this point.

The new ABC preview shows Colton greeting Cassie for the daytime portion of their date. They will be in Portugal, and Bachelor spoilers share that, during the day, they will tour the area while riding in a convertible. Underwood and Randolph will talk about how excited they are to be together again, and they’ll both acknowledge that it’s their first time experiencing Europe.

In a confessional, Underwood will say that he “wants to be in love with Cassie.” Colton will go on to explain that he really needs this time with her to get to that point.

The Bachelor spoilers share that Colton will also admit that Cassie was a “very, very pleasant surprise” to him. Underwood will talk about how Randolph was relatively slow to open up to him, and it wasn’t until their time together in Singapore that he really got to see who she was.

Since that time, however, it looks like Colton’s been quite focused on — and entirely smitten with — Cassie over the other women. He appears to believe that he’s got someone “very special” in front of him. Clearly, the daytime portion of this date in Portugal gets off to a great start. However, Bachelor spoilers tease that things take a very complicated turn a few hours later.

The Inquisitr shared new Bachelor spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve about what happens after the daytime portion of this date between Colton and Cassie. Apparently, Cassie’s dad will surprise her in Portugal — and will want to talk to her again about whether she’s really ready for an engagement.

Colton has been worried about whether the woman he would want to choose would be ready for the future he envisions. Unfortunately, Bachelor spoilers have teased that he’ll get bad news in this regard.

From the looks of things, viewers will see this daytime portion of Underwood and Randolph’s date air during Monday’s Episode 9 — along with her visit with her dad. Then, they’ll head to the fantasy suite, and everything turns upside down.

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that viewers will see Monday’s episode end with Colton Underwood’s fence jump, one that comes as a result of his overnight date with Cassie Randolph going off the rails. It sounds as if viewers will have a lot to take in with Episode 9 as it airs on Monday, March 4, and people cannot wait to see how this all comes together.

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