‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska And Cole DeBoer Talk Possible Adoption, Say They Don’t Want To Be ‘Resented’

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Chelsea Houska revealed Adam Lind had signed over his parental rights to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. Of course, the conversation about whether or not Chelsea’s husband Cole would adopt Chelsea’s daughter Aubree came up. According to a new report from People, a new sneak peek of Monday night’s new episode shows Cole talking about why he doesn’t feel he should adopt her “right now.”

When Chelsea’s producer asks the couple if Cole would still adopt Aubree, he says he would. However, Chelsea and Cole both opened up about their concerns.

Chelsea explained, “A lot of people don’t understand. My mom thinks we should pursue it right away, my dad doesn’t. She doesn’t know everything we know. She doesn’t know everything so she wouldn’t understand really why we would do it to the full extent.”

“She would resent us, that’s why I don’t want to do it right now.”

Clearly, the couple is taking things slow and doing what is best for Aubree. Although Chelsea has explained to her daughter that her half-sister was adopted by her stepdad, it doesn’t seem that Chelsea is going to push for that to happen for her own child just yet, rather taking the time to make sure she completely understands the situation.


Chelsea added, “It’s just nice to let her do her own thing at her own pace.”

Although they may not be moving forward with any adoption plans just yet, it is clear Aubree feels loved by her stepdad. In the clip, Cole revealed that Aubree wrote him a note and rather than writing “To Cole” on it, she wrote, “To Dad.”

Cole and Chelsea married in October 2016. They have two children together, a son named Watson and a daughter named Layne. However, Cole has never let Aubree feel left out or like she isn’t part of the family. Chelsea had Aubree’s last name hyphenated to reflect the last name “DeBoer.” As previously reported by Inquisitr, Cole and Aubree recently attended a father/daughter dance together. Clearly, Aubree is loved by both her mom and stepdad and that is what is most important.

Chelsea recently opened up about whether or not she and Cole are going to have more babies. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Chelsea revealed that the couple does want to have more children. While she isn’t too keen on trying a home birth, she did reveal that she wouldn’t mind trying a water birth at the hospital. She also talked about how good of a big sister Aubree is to her two younger siblings at home.

The new episode of Teen Mom 2 will air Monday night on MTV.