Jonas Brothers Return: Priyanka Chopra And Sophie Turner Star In Sultry New Music Video

It’s all happening a little too fast for pop fanatics, so it’s no wonder that everyone is freaking out about the return of the Jonas Brothers.

The trio, who first rose to fame as teenagers through Disney’s Camp Rock series, returned from a six-year hiatus out of the blue and in full force with their new single “Sucker.” And along with the song came a new music video featuring all of the brothers — Kevin, 31, Joe, 29 and Nick, 26 — and their significant others. While most 20-year-olds who grew up watching their films and listening to their music were dead excited for the brothers’ return, it was their leading ladies who really took the spotlight in the lavish “Sucker” music video — mainly because they are just as, if not more, famous than the three Jonas siblings.

The video featured Nick’s new wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, Joe’s fiancee, Game of Thrones mega-star Sophie Turner, and Kevin’s longtime wife Danielle Jonas. While it is set in a massive, lavish mansion, the six of them wear fancy yet at times bizarre outfits while the Jonas Brothers perform and their ladies strut their stuff around in their extravagant ensembles, as reported by the Daily Mail. At one point, Danielle is even seen donning a fluffy pink dress and walking a number of adorable dogs on the mansion’s grounds. They also each bathe in their own bathtub while sucking on lollipops and drinking cocktails, which surely made for a fun day on set. The video ends with all three couples posing while an artist paints their portrait.

Fans went crazy when they realized new social media accounts for the band had been created on Thursday, and their whirlwind announcement ended with the release of the “Sucker” music video at midnight. The lyrics are obviously a tribute to their better halves as revealed by the chorus.

“You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly / I am a sucker for all the subliminal things no one knows about you.”

The brothers also talked about how much fun they had shooting the video, with Joe tweeting, “We really had the best time shooting this video in England with our family. Hope you guys love it. Feels good to be back.”

Meanwhile, Nick gushed about Priyanka, writing, “My wife is soooooo beautiful in this video!!! How lucky am!?!!”

The Jonas Brothers are set to perform “Sucker” live on The Late Late Show With James Corden next Monday.