Inside Ben Affleck’s New Life After Rehab As He Considers Taking Another Shot at Love

After completing a 40-day stay at rehab six months ago, Ben Affleck is reportedly doing quite well. The 46-year-old actor decided to kick his alcohol addiction and enter treatment at a rehabilitation center in Malibu, California. Since then, Affleck has been working on himself and bringing his life back to a point where he feels able to enjoy what he has.

“He’s doing great. Fighting and/or contending with this disease is tough. He spent a lot of focused time finding support that would help set him up for success,” a source close to Affleck said, according to AOL.

Affleck’s also lucky to have one of his biggest fans, ex-wife Jennifer Garner, in his corner. Garner has been supportive of Affleck since he decided to pursue treatment for his alcoholism. Their friendly relationship has also allowed Affleck to spend plenty of time with the three children he shares with Garner, 13-year-old Violet, 10-year-old Seraphina, and 7-year-old Sam. A source close to Affleck reports that Affleck has always felt his children were his priority.”He and Jen have a really good relationship. He loves spending time with his kids,” the source close to Affleck said, according to AOL.

However, there is still one other relationship on Affleck’s mind that he hopes to mend since he completed his rehab stint and achieved sobriety. Affleck wound up parting ways with his previous girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, a Saturday Night Live producer, one day prior to committing to his third stint in rehab for alcoholism. Affleck hopes to repair his relationship with Shookus and feels that the two have a real shot at making it as a couple now that he is sober.

While Affleck hopes he is right about Shookus, who might consider a relationship repair now that Affleck has been sober for months, the couple would face another challenge. Any relationship between them would more than likely be a long distance one, since Affleck’s work and the children he shares with Garner typically keep him in the Los Angeles area. On the other hand, Shookus, because of her job at Saturday Night Live and her 6-year-old daughter with her ex-husband Kevin Miller, resides in New York.

Since dating Shookus, Affleck had a brief fling with Shauna Sexton, a 22-year-old Playboy model and veterinary technician. However, the relationship never became serious. The dalliance made Affleck realize that he had experienced a real relationship with Shookus, so he worked to keep their connection going.

“They are back together and happy to be back in each other’s lives. They definitely missed each other,” an insider said, according to E News.