‘Bachelorette’ Star Georgia Love Reveals Her Engagement Expectations For Boyfriend Lee Elliott

Back in 2016, the world got to watch Georgia Love and her boyfriend, Lee Elliott, fall in love on The Bachelorette. The Bachelor franchise has matched five couples successfully, but two of those couples have not tied the knot since the end of their stints on the show. Love and Elliott are one of those couples. Since their last appearance together on The Bachelorette, the two have remained a happy couple, and are now at the point where they are readily considering wedding plans.

Love hasn’t been shy about the type of engagement she dreams of, and also seems to be at the point where she wants to get married. Recently, Love talked about the type of ring she would like to see Elliott purchase for her.

“I’ve told Lee about the rule–that it’s 12 months’ salary for the ring,” Love said, according to The Daily Mail.

“Well it isn’t quite the rule. I believe you’ll find that it’s three months,” Elliott stated, according to The Daily Mail.

Lately, the couple has been publicly sharing their plans for a future together. They are considering moving into together, and also plan to eventually walk down the aisle. However, they aren’t certain about which step will happen first.

The pair say that although they are talking about getting married, that doesn’t mean they will be walking down the aisle anytime soon. They both don’t want to rush into a wedding. However, Love’s reason for speaking out about the marriage was to jokingly clarify the type of engagement ring she wanted when Elliott does decide to pop the question.

‘We just moved into together six months ago so we’re certainly in no rush,” Love stated, according to The Daily Mail. Elliott agreed with Love’s comment and mentioned that the pair want to develop their relationship using their own timing.

Prior to their stint together on The Bachelorette, both Love and Elliott were invited to come onto the show by producers. They both left their jobs to pursue their chances on the famous series. However, neither one stated that they came onto the show to seek out celebrity fame and glory. Instead, they both hoped to find a life partner. Love admitted that very early on in the show, she knew she was attracted to Elliott, and he seemed the likely candidate to win her heart.

“I truly went on that show to meet a partner… not to be on TV. I was already on TV [as a news journalist], I already had my absolute dream job that I left to do that and it was a big risk,” Love said, according to The Daily Mail.