Man Robbed By Friends At Gunpoint For $1

Houston, TX – A man was allegedly robbed by two of his friends at gunpoint for $1.

In addition to taking the single dollar bill from the victim’s pocket, Leonardo Taveras and Randy Chinonso Dike have been accused of beating their friend before taking his money.

According to the Houston Chronicle, both men were arrested last Thursday and charged with aggravated robbery. The incident reportedly took place on February 10.

The unidentified man explained that he received a call from Taveras and Dike asking for some help with their car. When he arrived at their location, the victim said the men accused him of robbing an apartment. When he denied stealing from Taveras, the pair launched their attack.

UPI explains that the man was allegedly hit in the face several times by Dike. At some point during the altercation, Taveras began striking him as well.

Authorities explained that Taveras retrieved a shotgun from the trunk of his car. He then pointed the weapon at the victim. According to KTRK, Taveras began searching the man’s pocket for money. However, all the men got for their efforts was $1.

Taveras allegedly told Dike that he intended to kill the man. However, several residents in the neighborhood came outside to investigate the noise. It was around this time that the suspects fled the scene.

The man told police that he knew the individuals who robbed him at gunpoint for $1. After being presented with a handful of photographs, the victim was able to positively identity the suspects. Taveras and Dike are currently being held on $50,000 bond.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time someone has resorted to violence for $1. The Inquisitr previously reported that two strippers got into a fight last month over a single dollar bill. One of the women involved in the fight was reportedly pregnant at the time.

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