Andy Cohen Says He Has Not Smoked Pot Since Birth Of His Son Benjamin: ‘It’s Not The Time For That’

Andy Cohen is taking the newest role in his life very seriously.

Since the birth of his son Benjamin earlier this month, the new father has been gushing over fatherhood and he says that he’s also changed a few of his pre-baby habits. In a new interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show, Cohen chatted about how his son has changed his life and caused him to kick a few of his bad habits to the curb. When asked if he was still smoking marijuana frequently, Cohen says he is not.

“No … not since the baby. I don’t feel comfortable … It’s not the time for that.”

Prior to becoming a father, Cohen would talk about recreational marijuana use on his show Watch What Happens Live. He also shared that he’s even smoked marijuana with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. The TV personality also chatted about the need to defend himself to people on social media, especially after he received a lot of backlash for taking his son on a private plane from Los Angeles to New York shortly after he was born.

“‘You don’t think I checked with three f***ing pediatricians before?'” Cohen said to his critics. “And I flew with a baby nurse. [My baby nurse is] teaching me everything.”

Since the birth of his son, Cohen has been on cloud nine and he isn’t afraid to talk about how much he already loves being a father. As The Inquistr shared a few weeks ago, Cohen gave an interview where he talked about the future with his son and pointed out what he is looking forward to the most in his journey through fatherhood including the first day of school, the bar mitzvah, taking Benjamin to the beach, and even just tucking him in to bed.

At this very moment, Cohen says that he is lucky because his schedule is pretty flexible — and he is able to pick up and travel with his son to different places on a whim for the weekend. Traveling with Benjamin is another big thing that excites Andy about being a father, he says.

“I’m excited to go on adventures with him and show him the world. I want to see him running around a big green yard. I want to teach him to swim.”

On February 4, Cohen shared his first post with his new son on Instagram. In the black-and-white photo, Cohen holds the baby in his arms and gives a big smile into the camera. He mentions to fans that his son is named after his grandfather and couldn’t help but share all of the emotions he was feeling in that very moment.

“I’m in love. And speechless,” he beamed. “And eternally grateful to an incredible surrogate. And I’m a dad. Wow.”

What a proud dad!