Caelynn Miller-Keyes Expected Engagement From ‘Bachelor’ Colton, Felt Infuriated People Doubted Her Intentions

During the most recent episode of The Bachelor, viewers watched as Caelynn Miller-Keyes introduced Colton Underwood to her family. While she thought that things were going well with this relationship, she was left stunned when she was eliminated at the next rose ceremony. Now Miller-Keyes is opening up a bit about the intense feelings connected to the experience.

Fans will see Caelynn on the upcoming The Bachelor special episode “The Women Tell All” that is set to air on Tuesday, March 5. She talked with ET Online while she was doing the taping, and she admitted that she was quite frustrated about the questions she had faced regarding her sincerity in participating on the show.

Not long before her elimination, Miller-Keyes found herself immersed in drama with other women questioning whether she was truly interested in love with Underwood. She pushed back against the allegations and Bachelor spoilers suggest this will be a major topic of discussion during the upcoming special.

“It still frustrates me. It still infuriates me. Because, if you watch it back, I fell in love with Colton. I was fully in love with Colton.”

In fact, Caelynn says that she told her family that she fully anticipated being engaged to Colton at the end of filming. Miller-Keyes says she was entirely blindsided by her elimination, and she feels that it was quite unfair of anybody to suggest that she’s not ready for marriage.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Caelynn admits that she is still healing. She admitted that she’s not even sure she would be ready to take on something like being the next Bachelorette lead, even though many fans think she must be a frontrunner.

“It’s been the hardest heartbreak I’ve ever had to deal with… I don’t think that I’m still in love with Colton. I just think that I’m still processing this deep, deep love that I had for him.”

Caelynn says that she has not had any discussions about being The Bachelorette, and she sounds quite uncertain about whether she’d be up for it. Viewers will see more from the latest lady eliminated by Colton Underwood when The Bachelor special “The Women Tell All” airs on Tuesday, March 5.

Should ABC focus on Caelynn Miller-Keyes as a candidate for The Bachelorette or should she take more time to heal and perhaps wait to do Bachelor in Paradise this summer? Did Colton Underwood make a mistake in eliminating her? A lot of fans were shocked by this elimination and will be anxious to see what comes next for her.