Paralympian Amy Purdy Gives Update On Health After Surgery, Her Kidney Doing Just Fine

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Paralympian snowboarder Amy Purdy gave fans an update on how she’s doing. According to her recent Facebook post, her kidney is doing wonderful and she’s feeling loved.

As previously covered by an article here at The Inquisitr, Purdy went into the hospital earlier this week for a cramp in her leg only to discover she had a blood clot that started at her hip and reached down to the bottom of her leg.

The doctors then presented her with a horrific problem: because of the contrast dye they use in the surgery, her kidney, donated to her by her father, could be severely damaged and she might lose it, but not having the surgery would require amputating her leg.

So she was given a terrible choice to make, lose her kidney or lose her leg.

The Inquisitr broke the news yesterday that she had made the decision to go ahead with the surgery, which would preserve her leg, but put her kidney at risk.

Going into the surgery she said on her Facebook post that the doctors had used the least amount of contrast they could to give her kidney better odds. Her dad also reassured her that he’d “put it through much worse” before giving it to her, so it could handle the strain.

Yesterday she revealed to fans that the surgery had gone well and she was waiting to hear on test results about how her kidney is doing.

In today’s post she revealed that her kidney is doing amazing and she’s on the path to a full recovery.

Fans were ecstatic, congratulating her on the great news and continuing to send their love and prayers as she and her family moves forward.

Given her athleticism and healthy living, it’s likely that she’ll make a solid recovery and she’ll come out stronger than before, having surmounted yet another impossible obstacle that life threw her way.

As she’s stated before, this health scare has made her realize that while her body has immense potential, it’s still “delicate” and needs to be looked after. That isn’t to say she’s giving up her intense lifestyle, but it’s likely she’s going to scale things back a little and not push herself quite so hard.

While she’s not entirely out of the woods yet and as she states she has a “road of recovery” ahead of her, Purdy’s proving she’s the same strong, courageous woman her fans have always known her to be.