‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Top Identity Possibilities For Singers In Season Finale – Peacock, Bee, Monster

Michael BeckerFOX

No one could have expected just how crazy it would be to have a bunch of weird creatures singing on stage and judges trying to figure out who they are. Yet, here it is time for the season finale of The Masked Singer and there are millions of people who want to figure out the final three contestants. It’s time to check out the top identity possibilities for the Peacock, the Bee, and the Monster.

It has all come down to this, and there are only three creatures or animals or whatever you want to call them remaining. The Masked Singer has taken the world by storm and fans love trying to figure out the identity of the celebrity in the costume before the mask is taken off.

Some of them have been easier than others, but there have been a number of them that were quite difficult. Early on in this first season, a number of fans thought they definitely knew who the Peacock was, but it’s almost time for the season finale and he’s still alive and masked.

Clues have been given. Songs have been sung. Details have been revealed to help the judges determine their identities, but these three singers have stayed in disguise. There is only one more night to go, and both the judges and social media have different possible identities for each of them.

The Peacock

It’s been a rather interesting season with the Peacock, as the clues have all pointed in one particular direction, which is toward Donny Osmond. The thing is…if all the clues seem to be so accurate, why hasn’t he been unmasked yet?

Of course, it could be that the clues are just on the fence enough to make us think it’s Donny, but it could be someone else. So, the fans have continued to guess and the judges have second-guessed themselves, but here are the top possibilities for the Peacock.

  • Donny Osmond
  • Neil Patrick Harris (has publicly refuted Peacock claims, as reported by The Inquisitr)
  • Alfonso Ribeiro (longshot)
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Wayne Brady

The Bee

While some feel as if the Bee is most certainly Gladys Knight, there are others who believe she could be any number of soulful singers. Good Housekeeping has been almost so certain that the Bee will unmask as Knight that they don’t even feel the show is mysterious any longer.

Still, people have been wrong before with some of their other guesses and all will become known on Wednesday night. Here are the top identity possibilities being thrown around for the Bee.

  • Gladys Knight
  • Tina Turner
  • Lil’ Kim (longshot)
  • Patti LaBelle

The Monster

Throughout almost the entire first season of The Masked Singer, people have been convinced that the Monster is T-Pain. At times, the judges then got confused and started talking about the singer being classically trained and “professional.”

Honestly, the Monster has been one of the most enjoyable performers in this debut season and it’s great to know he has stuck around until the end.

The top possible identities for the Monster include the following.

  • CeeLo Green
  • Nelly
  • T-Pain
  • Seal
  • Jamie Foxx (longshot)

The remaining three singers have kept identities secret all this time, but a host of others have been unmasked and with fans witnessing these unveilings so far.

  • Alien – La Toya Jackson
  • Deer – Terry Bradshaw
  • Hippo – Antonio Brown
  • Lion – Rumer Willis
  • Pineapple – Tommy Chong
  • Poodle – Margaret Cho
  • Rabbit – Joey Fatone
  • Raven – Ricki Lake
  • Unicorn – Tori Spelling

Do you know who the final three contestants on The Masked Singer are?