Howard Stern SiriusXM Video Content Comes To Amazon Fire TV

Howard Stern has risen to fame throughout the years because of his incredible talent. In fact, many in his industry consider him to be the greatest broadcaster in history because of both his creativity and his remarkable ability to make so many laugh. Stern has been active in the industry for over three decades, rising to fame first on traditional radio and then moving to satellite radio in 2006.

While hearing Stern on the radio is always a unique and humorous experience, he is even better as a performer when he can be watched live. Viewing him while he is conducting an in-studio show can be a more entertaining experience than simply hearing him on the air. In the past, his fans were able to see his broadcasts on television as well, but that hasn’t been the case for several years as his show on the E! channel as well as his Howard TV on-demand TV options are both things of the past. However, SiriusXM Radio and Amazon Fire TV have figured out a solution to this problem.

Since February 20, Howard Stern’s performances have been made available for television viewing. SiriusXM’s mobile app, available to both iOS and Android users, now allows subscribers to view Stern on their phones and tablets so that fans can now both watch and listen to Stern, according to Inside Radio.

However, some people still prefer using their larger television screens to watch their favorite productions, and the small screen of a phone or tablet may not provide them with what they want. So, the video content of Stern was also made available for regular television viewing through Amazon Fire TV, according to Inside Radio. That also means that SiriusXM is making their app and viewing Stern an option by making the app available on all Amazon Fire TV Products for SiriusXM subscribers. The new SiriusXM app was redesigned to make it much simpler for subscribers to search through categories and find what they want to listen to or watch.

“Howard Stern video is arranged and presented on the SiriusXM app in a way that makes it easy to discover and view some of the best content from the King of All Media. Subscribers can now watch Howard Stern’s full-length interviews with celebrity guests, highlighted show clips and show specials, and memorable musical performances from the Howard Stern studio, from both recent shows and deep in The Howard Stern Show archives,” SiriusXM said in a statement, according to Celebrity Hush.