Bryce Harper Could Get Free Doughnuts For Life If He Stays With The Nationals

Chris Trotman / StringerGetty Images

As speculation about where Bryce Harper will end up continues to set the internet on fire, local Washington D.C. businesses are doing what they can to entice the current free agent to stay with the Washington Nationals. As Sporting News is reporting, District Doughnut took to Twitter on Tuesday to ask Harper to stay in the area by promising him free doughnuts for life if he returns to the Nats.

The bakery tweeted at the baseball right fielder to share that Chef Christine Schaefer is extending the offer to him if he remains in the nation’s capital.

“We are #MadeInDC just like you and we would love to keep it that way. Our offer still stands: doughnuts for life if you stay with the @Nationals!” the bakery tweeted.

As Sporting News noted, this is far from being the first time the District Doughnut tweets at the baseball star, which includes another offer they made on Monday when the bakery promised to customize any flavor he wants in exchange for him staying in D.C. As a matter of fact, the local bakery has done very little but tweet at and about Harper in the past few days.

Also on Monday, District Doughnut showed that Harper is no stranger to their treats by sharing a photo of the star in between the chef and another staffer to show that their relationship still has a lot of potential.

This isn’t the first time a little shot makes enticing promises to athletes as local businesses often use their agency to try to sway the decision of local players who could be leaving the area. As the website of the MLB reported, a New York bagel shop last summer offered hockey player John Tavares, who was also a free agent at the time, bagels for life if he stayed with the New York Islanders. As tempting as the promise was, the star ended up signing a free-agent contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the report continued.

Bryce Harper’s free agency has quickly become one of the most talked about topics in the sports world, with enough rumors and speculation going around to fill a stadium. With all this talk floating around, the MLB report noted that it is hard to know for certain what kinds of contract offers Harper has on the table.

Maybe Harper will choose to return to the nation’s capital and take District Doughnut on their offer, but at this point, only time will tell.