‘Married At First Sight’ Spoiler: Luke Absent For His And Kate’s Anniversary

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According to a report by Us Weekly, tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight is going to crush fans as Luke Cuccurullo has abandoned his wife Kate Sisk on the day of their one-month wedding anniversary.

In the exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode, as reported by Us Weekly, a heartbreaking scene reveals Sisk sitting on her bed in their apartment crying about the tragic start to their one-month anniversary.

“I never would have expected that my husband would not want to spend our one-month anniversary together,” she sobs into the camera.

Newsweek reports that the couple had a rocky start to their relationship following their marriage on the show. Sisk says that Cuccurullo has been “repulsed” and “dead inside” whenever they kiss, and he even accused her of being an alcoholic.

Sisk say she was stunned by the statements, the accusation, and the fact that he revealed these thoughts to the producers and Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a marriage expert associated with the show, before talking to her.

She revealed she felt “blindsided” and would never do to him what she feels he has done to her.

“I drink sometimes at dinner with my friends, so maybe, like, three times a week. I think with Luke, maybe I drink a little more,” she said regarding the accusation of her over drinking.

In spite of Cuccurullo’s harshness, Sisk feels that they can work things out and still make it work. She says in the interview that she did marry a stranger after all, so there’s bound to be some adjustments and rough patches.

Kate and Luke Wedding
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Dr. Pepper was much more critical of Cuccurullo’s behavior, saying he is “manipulative” and “destructive” and thought that keeping Sisk out of the loop about his feelings toward her was a “major violation.”

She didn’t hold back in her criticism of Sisk, though. She felt that Sisk needs to work harder at standing up for herself and holding Cuccurullo accountable for his behavior and lack of respect.

The sneak peek of tonight’s episode suggests that it’s not going well, and Sisk is deeply hurt by Cuccurullo’s absence on what she considers their special day.

“I know things haven’t been going well, but I woke up today just hoping, there’s, like, a little sliver, it’s our anniversary, maybe we could do something nice today,” she says sobbing just before running into the bathroom off camera.

Fans will have to wait until later tonight to discover where Cuccurollo was and why he seemingly abandoned Sisk on the day of their one-month anniversary.