Bradley Cooper Planned Out Steamy Lady Gaga Oscars Performance, Says Mark Ronson

Bradley Cooper’s duet of “Shallow” with Lady Gaga at the 2019 Oscars is all fans have been talking about since Sunday’s big show. The emotional and intimate performance had many fans wondering if the A Star Is Born co-stars may have romantic feelings for one another, despite the fact that Cooper is dating model Irina Shayk, whom he shares a child with.

According to People Magazine, Mark Ronson, who co-wrote “Shallow” with Lady Gaga and took home an Oscar with the singer for Best Original Song, says that the steamy duet was actually Bradley Cooper’s idea.

Ronson sat down with Ellen just one day after his big Oscars win and revealed that Bradley had a very specific vision for what he wanted the performance to look like, especially since it was likely the only time that he and Gaga would perform the song live and on TV together.

“I think he had a specific vision. I heard Lady Gaga talking about it, so I think it was his thing. That probably might be the only time they ever perform that song together so it made it feel really special,” Ronson told DeGeneres as his Oscar sat in front of him on the table.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many fans have been pushing for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to get together since watching A Star Is Born. The pair have an electric chemistry when they are on screen or stage together, which has tons of fans shipping them hard.

However, their steamy duet at the Oscars over the weekend had everyone talking about their chemistry, including other celebrities. The Inquisitr reports that stars such as David Spade, Mel B., and even Bradley’s former wife, Jennifer Esposito, spoke out about the co-star’s obvious connection, which only fueled the romance rumors.

Following the performance, Gaga took to her Instagram account to share two photos from the night. The first one was of her wearing her gorgeous black gown, and the second was from her duet with Cooper.

“Nothing could be more special than sharing this moment at the Oscars with a true friend and artistic genius,” the singer captioned the photo of herself with Bradley.

Both Gaga and Cooper have been gushing over each other since the movie was released and have become noticeably closer since awards season began.

Recently, Gaga split with her fiance, Christian Carino, which left fans hoping that she would go running into Bradley’s arms. However, that place is already taken by the mother of his child, Irina Shayk.

Neither Lady Gaga nor Bradley Cooper has spoken out about the romance rumors.