WWE News: WWE Hints At Another Reunion Of The Shield On ‘Monday Night Raw’


The Shield is easily one of the most popular stables of all time in WWE and fans have loved it when they’ve been together, but should it happen again? Last year, there was a reunion of the “Hounds of Justice” which ended when Roman Reigns revealed his Leukemia diagnosis and needing time away from the ring. Despite what has happened in the last four months, WWE teased yet another reunion of The Shield on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

In October, Reigns revealed his battle was back and he relinquished the WWE Universal Championship. Later that night, Dean Ambrose turned on Seth Rollins which led to a heel run for the “Lunatic Fringe” which appeared to be overturned last week on Raw in a confusing set of events.

Tonight, Reigns returned to WWE and let the world know that he was in remission and ready to be back in the ring. At the end of the opening segment, Seth Rollins walked out on stage to hug his brother and welcome him back in loving fashion.

Later in the night, Dean Ambrose had a No Disqualification Match against Drew McIntyre which got out of hand in a hurry. Baron Corbin, Elias, and Bobby Lashley all came down to assist in destroying Ambrose, but there were a couple of guys in the back who had a problem with those numbers.

Seth Rollins came down to help, but he waited for the back-up of Roman Reigns and the two superstars hit the ring together. They worked as a team and it seemed as if Reigns had not lost a single step during his time away from WWE.

Reigns and Rollins dropped the four heels who had been beating up their former brother in The Shield, and they persevered in fantastic fashion. As recapped by the official website of WWE, Rollins and Reigns dominated the heels and shared a hug in the ring before exiting back up the ramp.

Upon exiting the ring, though, the two brothers paused and turned back around to face Dean Ambrose who was slowly recovering on the mat. As Rollins and Reigns hit the top of the stage, they looked back at Ambrose in the ring before the cameras cut away and went to commercial.

Fans are certainly going to question this whole angle as it has already been revealed that Ambrose is leaving WWE in mid-April. Once his current contract is up, it has already been confirmed that he had no intention of re-signing with the company.

It is the middle of WrestleMania 35 season and it’s hard to know what may have changed or what could be coming or anything like that. When it comes to WWE, anything and everything is possible, but another reunion of The Shield? Even if it is very short-lived, it does appear as if that’s the direction they are headed in as evidenced by this evening’s Monday Night Raw.