‘General Hospital’ Recap For Monday: Sam Reunites With Jason, Maxie Gets Results, & Anna Questions Memories

Todd WawrychukABC

Monday brought a big episode of General Hospital, but a number of fans missed out on seeing it due to it not being recorded on their devices. Unfortunately, it seems an old episode description was used by some devices, and that led to DVRs and similar recording systems to think that Monday’s show was a repeat.

Viewers got big cliffhangers on Friday and Monday’s show started off just a bit ahead of where the action ended last week. As the February 25 show started, Jordan, Drew, and Jason were all hospitalized with loved ones by their sides. Luckily for Jason and Drew, Finn was able to jump into guiding their care and prevent both of them from needing surgery to combat blindness from the virus like Anna endured.

Sam and Shiloh were at GH and he was questioning how Jason happened to be out of town where they were. As SheKnows Soaps detailed, Sam concocted a story about how Jason won’t keep his distance from her. Once Shiloh seemed to be gone, Sam rushed into Jason’s room and reunited with him. Unfortunately, Shiloh later watched from the doorway as Sam and Jason shared a passionate kiss.

Carly rushed to be by Jason’s side and got emotional as she talked about how important he is to her. She noted that she’ll really need his support for the next seven months, revealing her news that she’s pregnant. She also told him about Sonny flying to Turkey to find Dante. While Jason talked about wanting to go help Sonny, Carly made him promise to stay put for now.

Drew was stunned to wake up and see Finn and Kim next to his hospital bed and he immediately worried about whether anybody else was hurt. He was upset to learn of Jordan’s injuries from the accident and he wasted little time in making his way to her room to check in with Curtis.

Stella cautiously explained Jordan’s injuries to Curtis and it’s clear that she is still in grave condition. Both of her kidneys sustained significant damage and General Hospital fans are already speculating about her possibly needing a kidney transplant and perhaps getting them from Oscar, Ryan, or someone else who may soon perish.

Curtis shared heartfelt thoughts as he sat by an unconscious Jordan and later Stella did the same. Viewers wondered where her son TJ was, and General Hospital spoilers signal that he’ll arrive to see his mom during Tuesday’s episode.

Maxie was anxiously waiting to get the DNA test results she had run on Nina and Sasha. She finally got an alert on her phone that the results were in and they revealed that the two samples were not a match. Unfortunately, it turned out that Maxie scooped up the wrong nail clippings at the salon and Sasha wasn’t the person tested against Nina.

Nina is in full wedding planning mode and she asked Sasha to stick around Port Charles until the nuptials are held in May. Sasha was resistant, but Nina seems determined. In addition, Valentin asked Peter to be his best man. Maxie was confused when she learned that Peter said yes, but he explained that it’s a good thing as he can keep an eye on Valentin this way.

Anna and Finn talked further with Cabot, as she is worried that some of Alex’s memories may have been successfully transferred to her. Cabot played coy, but Anna remains concerned. Will this perhaps lead to the discovery that Alex gave birth to Peter, not Anna? General Hospital fans have speculated about that possibility, and it looks like it may happen.

After Anna and Finn left, Cabot called someone by phone to check in. He told this mystery someone that there is a cure to the blindness that comes from the virus, but for now, viewers don’t know for certain who was on the other end of the call.

Nina voiced concern with Valentin that she feels that Maxie is slipping away from her. Nina mentioned that this made her all the more grateful to have Sasha in her life, a comment that obviously leaves Valentin feeling a bit anxious.

Tuesday’s show will bring scenes with Lulu facing Franco as she interviews him, Ryan presenting a big engagement ring to Ava, Shiloh questioning Sam about Jason, and more with Jordan’s medical emergency. General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s going to be a wild week of action and fans will have a lot to buzz about over the next few days.